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  1. Greetings, Summary: This is an intermittent fault!! If the revs drop quickly from 3000+ to zero (like they would if someone unexpectedly pulls out in front of you and you stop rapidly), the engine sometimes stalls. But it restarts with no problem and normal service is resumed. In depth: The car was performing flawlessly, then… The head needed replacing because all the oil came out of the hole that is normally blocked by the oil filler cap (please don’t ask). The head was then replaced with a second hand head from a reputable dealer. It was checked and fitted by a very trusted auto repair shop that my family has used for years. After a few days of being gentle with it, I started driving normally again. Then I discovered that it’s really difficult to steer after the engine has unexpectedly died (someone pulled out if front of me). The mechanic has checked all his work, twice. He has test driven it and seen the problem but can not find the source of the issue. My local Ford dealer can not find the problem either. I don’t know how the system works but it appears that sometimes the idle controller of the car doesn’t catch the engine when it gets to the idle rpm; the engine speed just keeps dropping to zero and the engine stalls. I know it can't be this simple but this is how it manifests itself from the driver’s perspective. Many thanks
  2. Paint Code

    Hi, Thanks for your help, but the number you refer to has a ‘kg’ designation next to it and a value of 740. Because of this, I assumed it was a weight of some sort; am I mistaken? The row you refer to has the title 'XW’. In fact, the rows titled K, 2, TN & XW all have kg designations.
  3. Paint Code

    Ford Fiesta Mk4 98 (S reg). The touch up kit I got from my local car spares shop is not quite right. The description is Nouveau Red but I would like to know the exact paint code so I can purchase the correct colour. I have been told that it should be specific down to the paint batch used by the manufacturer. Please can someone tell me what I’m looking for and where? The Aluminium plate has the following info: Z: E13*95/54*0009*06 DH: *WF0BXFBAJBWT2783* K: 1450 2: 2350 TN: 770 XW: 740 1: JBS Are any of these the paint code? Many Thanks in advance :)
  4. Mk4 Fiesta Questions

    Fantastic. Thanks for the info. I'll begin my searches now and hopefully save myself a bundle. much appreciated peeps.
  5. Mk4 Fiesta Questions

    Gleetings. I'm a new boy here; just registered today. I have recently become the proud owner of a 1998 Mk4 Fiesta and would like to know many things. I have to say to start off with that I intend to keep it as standard as possible but How do I find out exactly what the colour code is? (burgundy ish is all I know so far) What’s the best coloured scratch touch up kit for it? Where can I get good standard fiesta alloys? What are some good quality tyres? (my current 175/70 R13’s are going to need replacing in a few months). Where can I get a rear spoiler, the little discreet one that sit over the top of the rear window. I realise that this is a long list but I thought I’d get it al out there from the get-go. p.s. this list will be extended as and when I think of other stuff. Thanks in advance, Parasite.