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  1. craiglr

    2008 Fiesta St Knocking Noise

    surely when they changed the drive shaft it had new cv joints cnt imagine the shaft alone would have been changed
  2. craiglr

    2008 Fiesta St Knocking Noise

    have you checked gearbox/engine mounts, also check exhaust is mounted right. i take it they checked wheel bearings?
  3. i gather the garage checked the alternator is charging the battery after they fitted it?
  4. craiglr

    St Exhaust - Cleaning?

    thats exactly what i thought until i got shown works a treat on metal chrome exhaust tips
  5. craiglr

    St Exhaust - Cleaning?

    wire wool used with autosol works a treat :)
  6. craiglr

    Engine Management Light

    your have to get the codes read otherwise people will be just guessing im afraid.
  7. what car is it? i doubt it has anything to do with the alterator as they don't have sensors only fault your get from that is the battery not getting charged. could check all your battery connections and terminals are clean but that would usually cause electrical faults. i think anything said on here would be at a guess to be honest with ya.
  8. craiglr

    Window Tinting

    i had a crx del sol with a limo black back window and you literally couldn't see out that window but luckily you could put the window down, definatly wouldn't recomend going that dark i think the tint they use on the mk7 st is just right.
  9. craiglr

    Break Discs Are Getting Hot While Driving

    if its only the front left then handbrake can be ruled out straight away. most likely a siezed piston inside the brake caliper as you say you cleaned the brakes, did you re-grease after cleaning the brakes ie the sliding bolts things like that.
  10. craiglr

    Insurance & Remapping

    calm down fella i don't want a fight over a post on a forum thats just childish. all im saying is people should delare all their mod's or they are basicly driving un-insured. you may have been honest but this is all over the fact, you said you have driven on the public roads in an un-insured car in the past by not declaring a re-map and i was just trying to make it clear to people they should be declaring all the mod's on their cars and like i said this wasn't just aimed at you. not saying anything more on the matter.
  11. craiglr

    Insurance & Remapping

    your having a go at me you said you wouldn't tell insurance and haven't in the past for re-maps its people who do things like that who give all car modifiers a bad name and what i said wasn't just aimed at you as i have seen others saying they don't or wouldn't declare mods on this forum. Oh and yes i would tell you to your face cos its wrong people with un-declared mods have no right to use public roads as they are un-insured.
  12. craiglr

    Fiesta Mk7

    that looks awesome nothing over the top just right.
  13. craiglr

    Insurance & Remapping

    this is the second post on this forum of people saying they wouldn't declare things to insurance, people like you shouldn't be on the roads. if you can't afford to pay a little extra on your insurance then don't modify your car, just think in the event of an accident if your insurance company finds out you didnt declare something then you will liable for all the costs plus get done for having no insurance. There is no excuse.
  14. craiglr

    Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

    i got lucky,the garage that i test drove one had one on the four court with the full package in th colour i wanted but i managed to get the style pack free and the sat nav as i wasn't going to bother with it but they threw it in, so i got my car within a week they told me they ordered a load of st 2's using the salesmans names so they would have some to sell, i expect ford have caught on to that by now but might be worth looking around.
  15. craiglr

    Aftermarket Intercoolers 1.0 Ecoboost

    do they use the same intercooler as the 1.6 ecoboost if so maybe go to the mountunestore just search google. As for the insurance always let them know as they will look for any reason not to pay out your as good as un-insured if you don't tell them. I always say if you can't afford to insure a moded car then don't change anything.