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  1. Club Meet Invite

    will do m8, we`ll be doing another 1 at the same place early next year when the weather starts getting nice
  2. Club Meet Invite

    this is happening this weekend guys , any1 coming
  3. Foc Official Corsa Bashing Thread

    I used to be a big vauxhall nut and even own a vauxhall forum but after having problems with all 10 8 vectra's a astra and a astra coupe i had it with them so gave a mk3 mondeo a go after thinking i never had any probs when i had ford in the part . And its better on every level than a vectra . I now own a ford forum too lol . So 1 day they will see the light when there vauxhall's have emptyed there bank with repair bills lol
  4. Club Meet Invite

    hi every1 i`m craig i`m arranging a camping weekend meet on,25th OCTOBER 2013 UNTIL SUNDAY THE 27th OCTOBER at Baggeridge country Park,DY3 4HB.and i`d like to invite you all along,its £3.70PPPN THE LOCATION IS FAMILY FRIENDLY AND EASY REACH FOR EVERYBODY. NO ELECTRICITY POINTS. THERE IS A CAFE/SHOP TOILET BLOCK WITH SHOWERS. RECOMMENDED OFF STAFF MEMBER`S CLOSE FRIEND WHO USES IT TWICE A YEAR FOR HIS VW CAMPER CLUB. i know i may be a little cold for some to do the whole weekend so you can also just come over for the day or even a few hours just to say hi. So if you want to attend please copy and paste and add your name along with if your camping or not please as we need to let the site know the numbers soon for more details CLICK HERE to view the event on facebook or if you don't use facebook there is details HERE too. other clubs have also been invited
  5. Fuel Gauge Problem

    Thanks m8 i suspect its the fuel pump for deffo after reading a few posts as when the fuel is showing under half it wont rev much above 3k at times too but put more fuel in and its fine
  6. Fuel Gauge Problem

    Well i done the test on the clocks and all working so does look like the sender is at fault . How hard are they to change on these . And is it a tank out job or can you get to it under the back seats
  7. Fuel Gauge Problem

    when it works it goes up when you put fuel in but when its saying just over 1/4 of a tank there`s nothing left lol and it only shows there is fuel when you first start then after a min or if you pull off it goes to empty
  8. Fuel Gauge Problem

    I noticed today that even when the fuel gauge works its not correct as today it was showing just over 1/4 of a tank but it was really empty as i run out of fuel . Can any1 help with this
  9. Hi Every1

    not very active on here then
  10. Hi Every1

    its the 2.0 duratec he m8
  11. hi just had a 2001 mk 3 mondeo 2.0 ghia but noticed a prob with the fuel gauge when you first start the car or turn the ignition on it shows half a tank and how many miles left but when i pul off the gauge goes to the bottom and fuel light comes on and also nothing on the range so any idea`s what it could be ? is it a common prob
  12. Hi Every1

    hi im craig from essington, wolverhampton just signed up as just had a 2001 mk3 mondeo 2.0 ghia that i swapped for my vectra b estate, aint had a for for a while as i`ve has vauxhalls for the last 18 months i also own a vauxhall forum called vauxhall modified but sick of all the faults with vaux and wanted a more reliable car for a while anyway here`s a few pics
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums CRAIG@VM :)