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  1. I drive a 1999 mondeo 1.8 lx and when I lock my car and head into work I gettin called out to car park at least twice a day to turn alarm off, thing is all the doors r closed and there is nothin I can see wrong.. so im wondering if there is a sensor somewhere in the door that isnt workin properly and is there a way that I can turn it off ie can I turn the sensor off through a diagnostic machine or has anyone any ideas as to what to do as im scrapping the car in 2 months and am not spending money on fixing anything on car! Any suggestion appreciated
  2. darrellj88

    Please Help Me

    Is there any way I can disable the alarm as im scrapping the car in 2 months as it is 14 yr old nd worthless
  3. darrellj88

    Please Help Me

    Stoney I opened the car with the unlock button then drove home (15 miles) then pulled into my driveway and went to lock my car with lock button and the noise happened.. Is that all u think it was? Im panicin in case its something wrong as im changing car in 2 months and dont want to spend any money on this problem
  4. darrellj88

    Please Help Me

    I have 1999 modeo and I just pulled up outside my house and got out and when I went to lock the car with the key fob the indicators flashed nd the horn/alarm sounded can anyone help me as I am stumped to wat it would be an I have never heard this noise before.. any help will b greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. darrellj88

    Spark Plug Choice

    I am goin to service my 1999 1.8 mondeo soon and was jus wondering if there would be any difference in putting better spark plugs in??
  6. darrellj88

    Handbrake Adjustment

    No its a drum brake n da rear! I passed the m.o.t but only by 1% on the handbrake.. I cant seem to find any1 that know anything about this
  7. darrellj88

    Handbrake Adjustment

    Do I need to remove exhaust u think?
  8. Hello there I am looking for someone with a bit of knowledge on this specific problem.. I drive a 1999 ford mondeo 1.8 and want to know how do I adjust my handbrake as I have looked for an adjuster but cant fond 1 anywere and as I have my m.o.t 2mara morning i will need to do it before I go at 9 in the mornin your help is appreciated
  9. darrellj88

    Help With Key Fob Question

    Na I need a new micro switch put onto my key fob as the 1 of the old 1st is faulty! 22.50 and that is including recorded delivery
  10. darrellj88

    Help With Key Fob Question

    Is there no way I can drive the car without those? Like disconnect something until I get the fob back?
  11. Hello there I am sending the fob bit of my 99 mondeo key away to get new micro switches fitted and it will take a couple of days and I was jus wondering the blade part of my key fob will work by itself? Or do I need the key as a whole Your help is appreciated
  12. darrellj88


    How do I adjust my handbrake as I am currently having trouble with it as every time I pull it up its practically not there help me plz I ave looked for the adjusrer but cant seem to find it
  13. I jus passed my mot yestersday and noticed that my handbrake was jus 1% above the pass limit so I reckon I need my handbrake adjusted on my 1999 mondeo and was jus wonderin how I actually adjust it cause there is not adjuster under the centre console! Any help will be appreciated thanks
  14. darrellj88

    Srs Connector Light

    Hello there my srs airbag light is currently flashing I posted up about this and a few people said to me to disconnect the connector and check to see if its faulty and was jus wondering if It is safe enough to disconnect the connector underneath the seats without it affecting the airbag?
  15. darrellj88

    Airbag Light

    Yea I thinks its the srs airbag nd there is a wee yellow connector box under the seat I think which is causing this light to flash..ii wont ave time to take it to a garage as my mot is at 8.30.. no quick fix I take it guys?