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  1. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Sorry for not updating everyone. Turned out to be the injectors leaking back got another set from a breakers and coding them in and fired up straight away!
  2. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Ok a update on where I'm at with this car! Garage put second ham ecu in car today and it is still the !Removed! same! Recoded injectors onto old ecu and the car cranked for a bit the. Fired up on its own accord left running for about 20 mins. Switched off and started about 10 mins later and then the car refused to start even on squirt of easy start. Garage said they put a hand primer pump onto pipe that comes from tank and connects to fuel filter primed up and car started and if you don't keep revs up it cuts out also the hand primer looses pressure and you have to re prime.
  3. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Also the cranking on fuel pressure on their machine starts at 83 bar the. Drops to 54 when cranking
  4. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    After the garage changing the ecu the car still won't start the mechanic told me that a P2291 code keeps coming up any ideas on what could cause this? P2291 code is injector control pressure too low on crank
  5. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    They showed me the old pump which I still have they fitted a new recon pump purchased from euro car parts I believe the guy said.The garage seem to think the ecu could be telling the injectors to not open fully when cranking? But if it runs with a squirt of easy start surely they should be working?
  6. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    It's weird because the garage said you can leave it running for at least an hour and then when switched off and try to start straight away it just turns over Which the guy said couldn't be pressure related as it wouldn't run in first place.? They pulled filter off today and examined it and said they couldn't find any metal particles so they are ordering a second hand ecu and going to fit that when it arrives.
  7. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Thanks for your help ill let you know how things go
  8. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    I'll probably get the garage to programme the injectors again and see what happens do you think the ecu could be the problem like they said?
  9. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    They said they had the injectors tested via a diesel specialist and he said they were fine? Would the coding cause the injectors not being codedto not let the car start after its been run for a long period?
  10. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    They said they reprogrammed injectors as they said this is mandatory when carrying out major work on the fuel system. apparently the fault codes coming up were cranking and low fuel pressure although I can't remember the fault code numbers.
  11. Hi there newbie here! I'm not sure if I've posted this in correct section if I haven't I apologise. I have a 2003 ford focus 1.8tdci. The car has developed a starting issue,the car keeps turning over and doesn't fire. Tool to local garage an they said the fuel pump was faulty so they replaced that and surprise surprise the car is still the same! The garage the. Changed the cam and crank sensors and then common rail and pressure switch and also flushed tank and cleaned system along with new fuel filter the glow plugs were tested and changed and the garage now says that they can start the car on easy start and it will run all day long but as soon as the its switched off the car refuses to start! I'm at my wits end with this car and now and am seriously considering matched an a can of petrol. The garage now say the ecu could be at fault!? If any one could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Mrdean86 :)