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  1. Scratches In Ford Privacy Glass

    Ford confirmed that it is darkened glass rather than a film tint. The glass cannot be restored so needs to be replaced. Not covered under warranty. :-(. £80 plus 1 hour labour plus VAT.
  2. Scratches In Ford Privacy Glass

    It was built with the 'Appearance Pack - Titanium' fitted, which is the privacy glass and keyless entry option. It does look far less tinted from the inside looking out.
  3. Scratches In Ford Privacy Glass

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm going to take it around to my local Ford dealer tomorrow to see what they say. I have run my finger over the scratches and I can actually feel them. I'm certainly no expert but it looks to me like there is a tint on the outside that is scratched rather than it being darkened glass. Surely it's not possible to scratch a car window with bird crap!?! The sponge was new, so no chance of debris on it. Will find out tomorrow I guess. I'll post an update.
  4. I recently purchased a 13 plate Focus Titanium X with the Ford Privacy Glass option. I got up this morning to find that a bird had splattered a rear door window in crap! I therefore immediately got a damp sponge and started to clear it off. When I had removed it all, I noticed that the worst effected area now has several noticeable scratches! Is there anything I can do about this? I am astonished that it can scratch so easily. I can't get it so show in a picture, but its very noticeable from a couple of feet away. :(
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums AWakefield :)