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  1. Mondeo Mk4 Duratec Fuel Pump

    Sorry dont have a part no. and the only way to access the loom is from underneath. You can get at it if the cars rear is jacked up high enough. Its drivers side. This small loom connectors give alot of grief on the diesels too apparently.
  2. Mondeo Mk4 Duratec Fuel Pump

    Just a follow up incase anyone else has this problem. It turns out there is a small loom about 12" long that runs over the rear subframe from the pump to the main loom (about £7 from Ford). This over time shakes about and gives a bad connection which in turn eventually can burn out the pump. Best to check the connector block pins on this small loom as a first port of call. You might be lucky and just have to replace this short loom unlike me!! We replaced two pumps before finding this. Hope this helps.
  3. Mondeo Mk4 Duratec Fuel Pump

    Ford only part and the tank must be dropped to access the pump. im.told sometimes a wonky fuel gauge is also a sign of the pump failing.
  4. hi, having problem with 09 mondeo 2.0 petrol not starting. has been slightly hard to start some mornings over recent month or so and now wont start at all. cant hear pump buzz when ignition switched on. fuse checked out ok. now is the fuel filter built into the pump and does the tank need to be dropped to access the pump? also is pump available from anywhere except ford?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums stoop44 :)