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  1. Bonnet Latch Problems

    I decided to replace the lock mechanism, got the bits off ebay, £15ish for the latch, £30ish for the barrel and cable section. The new latch works perfectly with just a screwdriver to turn it, the old one still doesn't. By taking out 3 pins from the old key barrel I was able to transfer this to the new setup without having to rebuild a key barrel! All fitted in no time at all and working perfectly. I've beaten up the cable connector quite a bit and it's survived so I think it's pretty sturdy, though I seem to remember reading that they upgraded this component so older ones might still be vulnerable. I think the best thing to do is just maintain the latch mechanism. I thought about putting in a cable to the drivers seat, or something similar, but it just means anyone can open your bonnet. Likewise if you just leave the whole mechanism off and just use a large screw driver to turn the latch. I think you're just left with maintaining it, at least you know its a potential issue, and unless you've got skinny girl arms like me you're going to struggle to remove the latch from the inside, and I used a crowbar to finish it off. No easy answers I'm afraid. My focus is a climbing surfing wagon, when it finally quits on me i'll scrap it, you probably treat yours a lot better!
  2. Bonnet Latch Problems

    So i got it off, mostly I think through faffing but my approach was: tried to put the lock back together to use it; when taking it apart the white plastic cruciform remained in the catch system. Trimmed 2 opposing cruciform bits off and grabbed the rest with a pair of pliers, turned them like the key and then pushed the latch off. I doubt that'll be useful to anyone else but I think it's what worked for me.
  3. Bonnet Latch Problems

    I've got the bonnet open just the mechanism is stuck in mid air! The key part of the lock has been removed too, if using a screwdriver is the usual way to open the lock mechanism then it might just need cutting off. Hopefully someone has a better idea
  4. Bonnet Latch Problems

    Hi, I tried a screw driver, no luck, turns anti-clockwise a bit but not clockwise. I've done loads of reading on the forum(s) about bonnet/lock issues but this seems to be the point where for everyone else it's just come away. I asked the old boy that lives next door to look at it to and he was left scratching his head...
  5. Bonnet Latch Problems

    Hi all, I know this is a well known fault but fingers crossed I'm stuck at the last bit! I've read loads of really helpful threads on the internet to undo my seized bonnet latch but have gotten stuck. I initially tried the screwdriver through the grill trick to compress the white section of the bonnet lock and open the bonnet. This didn't work for me (or the 4 people I got at work to have a go), so I jacked the car up and undid the lock from the chassis and got the bonnet open that way. Now I've got the lock mechanism stuck on the bonnet and can't get it off. I took off the two 13mm bolts that attach the lock bar to the bonnet but the rest is attached at the front. I also tried putting the lock mechanism back together and trying it once I'd WD40'd it, but no joy. The lock mechanism seems to work fine, the white cross rotates freely with the key when it's not in the lock. Any top tips for separating the lock from the bonnet? M
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums McMC :)