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  1. Boot issue

    Cheers guys - I thought my first hunch was right! I'll get onto it this weekend and have it replaced
  2. Boot issue

    So as of today my boot button has stopped / works on rare occasions I have tried to get in (59 plate fiesta) Could this be as simple as a small switch thats easy to swap out?
  3. So swapping a few bits out to resolve a power issue on my 1.25 petrol Replaced lambda after some exhaust work Throttle body cleaned New plugs /leads / coil pack Next up would be a new map sensor should I ever be able to locate it. Any ideas?
  4. 1.25 Petrol 59 Plate Issue

    will have another wizz around pal in terms of looking! cheers!
  5. 1.25 Petrol 59 Plate Issue

    wow I'd be lucky if I can find one for that price! best I've managed is £40!
  6. 1.25 Petrol 59 Plate Issue

    still has its pre / post sensors on the exhaust! you think it maybe worth while swapping the pre sensor out?
  7. So I've had this car a fair while now and its starting to feel a little like its falling apart its now done 62500miles and in general the appearance is not in to bad a condition. Recently had a custom exhaust company cut the flexi out and weld in a new one as it was shot to sh.. along with this it had the front resonance? chamber removed as it was whistling away under acceleration. Its had a new water pump / timing belt and aux belt. Along with this 2 new suspension arms as they were destroyed (this is from work however) Moving on it feels like it has a really strange power issue - its pretty jerky when pulling away and this happens through all the rev range and through all gears. I took the steps of new coil pack, new plugs and new leads and no change at all. Just to clarify "jerky" it idles without any change in revs however it does feel abit rough? when you go to pull away it gives the impression it wants to go.. then almost feels like a big drop in revs and then goes again. If i sit in neutral and have my foot on the accelerator I can visually see on the rev counter that it moves up and down continiously As above this "power issue" behaviour happens regardless of hot / cold, uphill / downhill, Hamilton type driving or local granny driving! genuinely feels like some sort of hesitation as after a few secs of this happening it can clear up and go fine.. So throwing this out there now? Sensor issue? wiring issue? clutch issue? I'm at a loss as to what to check next!
  8. Mk6 Zetec S Knocking Noise

    Just curious did the wishbones fix the knock? :P (psst getting the wishbones off is the easy bit... right pain to get them back in!)
  9. The section on the left looks like surface dirt? And possibly will come up nice. On the right its the bumper so plastic - be very wary of anything you do to it Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Mk6 Zetec S Knocking Noise

    For a 30second check to rule it out for now? Mine sounds like an engine mount knock but Deffo isn't Changed drop links to be sure and then moved onto strut mounts Ruled out the above and neglected the wishbone and well it was suggested. And it's as simple as turn the steering wheel slightly so you can kick the front wheel from the front on the side you think it's coming from and see what happens! Obviously not foolproof however if it shows any movement worth getting it checked Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Mk6 Zetec S Knocking Noise

    Lower suspension arm? Easy to have a quick check just kick that front wheel see if it moves Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. I've got myself on abit of a mission to close of those little annoyances with the car Ford Fiesta 1.25 Petrol 2009 plate (60k miles) I currently have taken the time to replace the bottom engine mount at a total cost of £10 and 2 new droplinks in a hope it would stop a knock happening. I also had some custom work on the exhaust to fix the issue caused by the engine mount. However I still have a knock when turning to the right, be it what feels like smooth tarmac or rough - this happen both in and out of gear. However also to accompany this, when going to pull away there is sometimes a single knock. I've been advised to look at the CV joints (this seems simple enough to do by jacking up and inspecting) Based on the damage to the exhaust from the lower engine mount should I get the top engine mounts checked? Is this easy enough to check myself? only issue with this is I am unable to source the parts apart from Ford direct. I havent asked for a price on them yet!
  13. Engine Mounts

    I couldn't be sure if they are damaged in fairness, the bottom one Deffo was tho Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Engine Mounts

    So I've been looking around and can find plenty of lower rear engine mounts for my Fiesta - can't for the life of me find somewhere to pickup the top mounts First up - it's a 1.25 petrol 2009 fiesta. Why do I want to change them? It just cost me £150 in custom exhaust place to fix the flexi on the exhaust from a damaged lower mount (I want to negate any risk of the top ones being damaged by just replacing them!) So any heads up on where I may lay my hands on them / cost of such things? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. A Weird Knock

    You sure it's from the rear? Engine mounts / drop links are worth checking Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC