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  1. Ford Focus 1.6 petrol 60 plate around 45,000 miles Noitced this the other day thought it was just in 2 but seems to be in other gears also. Its like a high pitched buzz which lasts seconds and only occurs 2-3k revs. I have had timing belt kit / water pump. alternator belt. clutch kit done in the last month so unsure if anything there has caused this? Thanks
  2. Focus mk2 1.6 petrol clutch biting point?

    Ok chaps thanks
  3. Focus mk2 1.6 petrol clutch biting point?

    So on this particular model then we saying they are all high biting points near the top? Thanks
  4. Evening chaps I have a focus 1.6 60 plate petrol sdha engine recently had the clutch done. I expected the clutch biting point to be rather low after the change but it’s still a high biting point near the top? Is this where everybody else biting point sits? Thanks
  5. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Yeah you are right mate, MOT soon I will take it to a strict fussy place which I know will go right over the lot so if theres any problems suspension side of things they will be sure to flag it up!
  6. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    Its ok ordered it through work £23.00 for the cover and bolts.
  7. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    I take it you got the cover for a peice of mind then Eddie? I might do the same to be honest
  8. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    fixed it by the engine cover? I might do it for a piece of mind suppose
  9. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    I must of missed it Eddie
  10. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    The ride quality is fine its the brake pedal clunk thats annoying. It seems a few on here have it still not cured it, I will take alook at the abs sensors see if anything is at fault. not getting any codes up on the dashboard due to abs or esp though.
  11. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    Would you say its still worth getting the volvo rocker cover? does the leak only come from the washer jets? sure theres like a bonnet lining as well so it must leak through that also?
  12. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    To be honest I have not noticed any water near the plug or leads what so ever, I thought maybe with mine being the later 60 plate early 2011 it might already of had the better washer jets on.
  13. Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures

    Sorry to bump this thread up as it being so old I have a 60 plate 1.6 focus 100bhp version I have just seen the thread about the engine cover mod, which took me to this page about the washer jets. Will I need to change my washer jets or fit that engine bay cover will I benefit from it ? Thanks
  14. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Sounds like I might be wasting my time with testing the abs sensors then. Has anyone actually got to the bottom of it then as since this thread even though it seems quite common its not really been spoken about before?
  15. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Will do mate thanks