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  1. I have had the car a little over a month and need to sprinkle it with a little love!! Wish/To do List: Replace headlights Replace Indicators Replace OSR light cluster Replace/repair both rear arches Replace exhaust Replace bearings (all) Replace brake pads and fluid Front seat bolsters re-padded Rear cards refurbished Parcel shelf rubber thing replaced! Driver and Passenger door handles replaced Replace spot lights (lens fell off of one when I picked it up!) So far I have 2 brand new headlights (£33 incl postage!) Going for a Jamex exhaust full system as I want a new manifold & I cannot get a standard one... The pic attached shows the condition of the body work when I got it and bearing in mind it is only 65k miles it was very dull until I had a go with safe cut and a polisher. Watch this space if your interested... Anyone knowledgeable about these cars/ bits I want to do please let me know your thoughts as I have not played around with these for 20 years!!
  2. Newby!

    I'm a little too new to find the project and build section... Can you help me locate??
  3. Newby!

    Thanks Derek, Friendly bunch on here I am impressed!
  4. Newby!

    Thank Daniel. I have had the escort for about 1 month now. It is in need of quite a bit of work as it has sat for nearly 3 years with the exception of the yearly MOT run! The guy I got it from owned it from new so it is completely original. It needs some welding on the arches and a few bits and pieces, a good service and a full exhaust but other than that it is a good looking car and only 65k miles....
  5. Newby!

    Hey all, Brand new member... Put a pic of my 1990 XR3i project for all to see...
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums R3icky :)

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      Thanks Steve! Looking forward to some chats and some meets...