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  1. Installing Drl's..

    yes fair enough as I said in earlier post I did have them spliced into the side lights but with the one blinking i tired to see if they would work off the fogs
  2. Installing Drl's..

    hey thanks for the reply for some reason it wont let me link my youtube video? if you want to see what drls they are search "crispy racing" in youtube and when your on my channel its the last video I uploaded I have simply spliced them into the existing fog lamp wires using those blue wire clip/splicers I think I will have to try and have it direct to the battery and see how it works then, I did have it wired to the side lights at 1st and the same thing happened so I wired to the fogs and its still the same cheers
  3. Installing Drl's..

    hey guys sorry to hijack the thread but I am having some problems with my drl's ive got my drl's installed in my fog lamps and they are wired into my fog lamps so they come on when they are activated I may change this to my side lights in the future but I have been having a strange problem now when I have them on with the engine running after a few mins one of them blinks on and off but when I have them on with out the engine on there stay on fine I cant get my head around it?? so when im driving after a few mins 1 blinks on and off but when im in traffic and the stop start kicks in and cuts the engine off it stays on fine so at the moment I cant really use them any ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeAyWjx9acM here is a video of what I mean cheers
  4. Focus Eco-Boost (Titanium)

    My 2013 Focus 1.0 Ecoboost (Titanium) 153BHP, with SuperChips Bluefin installed. with a few small modifications. zetec s body kit waiting to be sprayed and fitted. hopefully with in a months time
  5. Call Of Duty Ghosts

    I do like both the cod and the battlefield series im playing mainly battlefield 4 as ghost doesn't support my triple monitor set up just like the last cod game black ops 2 they need to sort it out and as per usual, there are a load of issues with pc users ive got 12gb installed so the 6gb patch is not needed edit ive just downloaded a patch for for triple monitors so I can now play at 5760x1080 hooray
  6. Zetec S Lower Rear Bumper with twin chrome exhaust tip

    finally got round to fitting my zetec s rear bumper. weather has been crap so its taken me a little longer was going to fit the front bumper but the guy next door to me is having building work done and there is dust and sand blowing about, not good when u need bumper to be clean when bonding the lower lip, plus I was hung over lol
  7. Dump Valve

    ok , fair enough cheers
  8. Dump Valve

    hey guys can u get an after market dump valve for a 1.0 125bhp ecoboost focus thanks
  9. What's Your Hobbies?

    hey thanks, I hav'nt had a console since my dreamcast, went the pc way and hav'nt looked back since pc are so much more expensive than consoles, consoles are great and easier to use but high end pc will kick a consoles !Removed!
  10. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Prove it....lol
  11. What's Your Hobbies?

    being abit of a geek I like to spend some time in my games room, lucky for me the wife finishes work 2.5 hrs later than me, in the week and she works all day sat so I can just chill out in there amongst other hobbies like jogging, keep fit, car modding and hunting. I like playing the usuall call of duties , medal of honours crisis etc, but mainly I play an online only game iracing. I custom built the pc myself along with the triple monitor stand and the full length table that they all sit on and the stand for my wheel
  12. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    hey all, im a fabricator/welder and have been working at the same company for about 15yrs we do all kinds of things from headlight brackets for aston martin the 4 stainless polished exhaust tips on the v6 supercharged jag to the veg cabinets in Morrison they spray that mist over them to keep em fresh and anything in between
  13. Buy Mobile Phones - Stay Well Clear! :)

    hey, sad to say but this happens quite a lot and not just with the smaller companies either afew people I know have had the same thing with different networks I have been with orange from day one, they are not perfect but if my phone is faulty then they will send a guy out usually the next day with a new phone and all I have to do is give him my broken one , then he gives me a new one and I just sign for it no sending my phone off for weeks at a time waiting with no phone
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums crispy2013 :)