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  1. Fan only works on top speed

    Thanks for that guys, I'll get that sorted right away. ;)
  2. Hi guys again! On my Mk2 mondy, the fan only works on speed 4. Is there a resistor pack or summat that fails on them?
  3. mignulikz - Spamming PM inbox ***WARNING***

    Appologies for emailing admin about the lack of PMs, I'm sure you were sick of them! I'll hold my hand up and admit I didn't read the forums first! Cheers Jim
  4. PM's gone?

    Yeah me too. Has the site been hacked? were your PMs entitled "hello"? Jim
  5. Mk2 Mondeo TD lack of boost

    All fixed! the wastegate actuator arm had fallen off. Had to remove the manifold to get it though. Still a bit worried about the oil, but we'll see what happens. Jim
  6. Mk2 Mondeo TD lack of boost

    Hi again, I've pulled the car apart today to investigate the problem. The intercooler and its pipework are fine, the pipe from the turbo to the pump is fine, the one from the turbo to the wastegate actuator is fine, and the turbo turns quite easily by hand. However it only turns very slowly on tickover, plus on hard revving although there seems to be quite a draught coming out of it, theres no pressure, you can easily stop the airflow with the palm of your hand. The other thing is its very oily indeed. I suspect that its had it, but I suppose the wastegate could be stuck open? The EGR doesn't appear to be opperating either, so if thats stuck open will that cause the same symptoms? Cheers Jim
  7. Mk2 Mondeo TD lack of boost

    Thanks RickB, I'll try that. Jim
  8. Hi Guys! Just bought a Mondy Mk2 TD ghia estate. The car is fine except it feels like the turbo isn't boosting. Theres no smoke at all and no misfiring, just no power. A common easy fixable problem? Cheers Jim
  9. Mk4 front suspension Rattle

    Thanks for that. the car has done 48k miles and it has a zetec engine fitted (hydraulic tappets??) the springs look fine, I did check them as I have changed many springs on mainly Fords and Vauxhalls in my mechanic days (why is that? can't ever remember changing one on a rover or a vw etc....). the brakes are fine, pull up evenly and smoothly, it looks like it recently had new disks and pads. I thinking drop links? the reason been it seems much worse when one side of the suspension moves more than the other, if you hit a speed cusion so one wheel goes over it and the other doesn't at about 15 mph theres a hell of a loud clunk. Cheers Jim
  10. HI peeps!

    I'm new here! Mrs has just bought Mk4 Fiesta. Nice little motor it is too! Jim
  11. Hi Guys! The Mrs has just bought a T reg Fiesta Ghia that has a front suspension rattle on both sides. It happens mainly at slowish speeds on roads that have a slightly rough surface. I jacked up the front and had a look and both the front CV joint boots were split and quite dry, and also the rear bushes on the wishbones were split. I have fitted new CV joints and replaced the rear bushes. It drives alot better now, but the rattle is still there. Is this a common problem? I'd really like to cure it because other than that car runs like a dream. Thanks, Jim