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  1. Fitted some 1.5W high power LEDs into mrs fiesta mk7 today :) these are the ones used , highly recomended -----very bright!!---- :) http://britelightleds.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=501&product_id=142
  2. should of went 5050 SMD strip :)
  3. Are all the Lights colour changing , do u need separate remote and a controller for each? how well did the fibre optical cable trick work , to make the remote work better ? :) is it one large optic cable , or lots of individual ones?
  4. going to check the others halfs Mk7 see if the bulb holders there ! looks a nice little mod :)
  5. Mk7 Fiesta Drl Idea

    On the lines of DRL , this http://britelightleds.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=105_171&product_id=138 is a fantastic product which i use on my ford fusion , any RETRO-FIT aftermarket DRLs installed can be dimmed down , so do not blind the oncoming cars :)
  6. Air Bag Light On

    main air bag controller ??? if so then great , shouldn't be to hard to get at , thought they always up in dash somewhere!
  7. Air Bag Light On

    ahh thank you ! yeah even the seat has a spot for the pre-tensioner to go ! so more likely needing a new air bag controller? where abouts are they mounted? hope not a dash off job!
  8. Air Bag Light On

    air bag lights on flashing code 12 , which means duff module , but last week it was also displaying a code which mentioned pre-tentioners but is not showing any more having a look around the car today i noticed that the drivers side appears to have no pretentioner ? passenger one is bolted up around where seat belt clips in , drivers side u can see where one would go , but theres wires underneath the seat or any thing? 2002 A052 ford fusion 2
  9. My Ford Fusion

    you could use some smaller LEDs to bolt in though , to give same effect o
  10. My Ford Fusion

    the controller for the DRL is powered from ignition live , which shuts down after 10 seconds of locking the car , which allows them to remain on when locking the car during the 10 second delay. No fog lights as its the fusion 2 model , i cut the fog blanks and mounted the DRLs into the surface so they are flush :)
  11. My Ford Fusion

    Cheers all, yep love the DRL mod, look at it every time i leave the car lol. I wrote orion in first post as i also own a 1990 Mk2 ford orion!!
  12. My Ford Fusion

    Here is a quick photo of my ford orion and the recent upgrade ive done , Day time running lights with a controller which Dims them automatically, which was from here http://britelightleds.co.uk/drl/DRL-Controller/drl-controller-dim
  13. New Here

    Hi all i am Rhys, based in Lowestoft east anglia , ive joined here to say hello and ill also pop some posts up of my ford fusion which is the daily drive ! :)
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums 16Vrhys :)

    1. 16Vrhys


      :) posted some images