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  1. hi, maybe you already know about this, but nevertheless, I have couple of YT channels containing Dash Cam clips as main body of content. All Dash Cam clips are shot from my Ford Fusion (Fiesta) 1.4 TDCi. Here are the 2 of them: CCC - Car Camera Clips, 7 clips at the momelt @ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOYfaHyg3unwZIeerZ6gdKA VladanMovies, 267 clips @ www.youtube.com/user/VladanMovies
  2. As you may know, my channel is at good part about (driving) Ford Fusion 1.4TDCi, and the most watched clip is entering key code into 6000CD ... anyway .... As of 20. Jan. 2015, channel http://www.youtube.com/user/VladanMovies is over 100K views, total!!! Thank you all for all the support!
  3. Can't help, but I got some oddities with coolant too. On yearly maintenance service they noticed it dropped under the minimum, so poured a liter, or about. After a week, because I had to change rubber seals, again it was almost at minimum, so they poured in another 1/2 liters .... I almost bought all the hoses and s**** for coolant distribution at EUR150, but the next day, the level was way above max.?! it's been 5-6 months since the occasion, and coolant is still at the same above max. level. Mistery!!!
  4. Step 1: Think About It and Locate Problem I did all this because liquid was not leaking on my rear window. I figured something must be clogged in the nozzle ..., however, it will turn different by the end of the clip Step 2: Points of Attachetment Third stop light is attached at the 5th door, you have to approach it from the inside, therefore, you have to open the door first. The 5th door that is. Step 3: Detaching There are 2 rubber caps. You have to pull them out. You do that by pulling. Pull hard. You do not need any tools. Fingers are enough. Inside you'll notice some tin plates. They are the points you should push with adequate tool. Don't push too hard. There's no need for that. Don't be afraid to push, as it's not too firmly attached. You won't break anything. Step 4: Pulling Grab the 3rd stop light group and pull it out. You'll have to twist and wiggle a bit, but no big deal. You can do all this, all the steps, almost, using one hand only. Step 5: Detaching 2 Detach jack for the bulb and hose for the nozzle Step 6: The End 1 At this point you change the bulb and pack everything back together, or ... Step 7: The End 2 Start the engine, engage the nozzle ... if liquid is pouring on the window, it's clogged nozzle. Clean it, or replace with new one. Put everything back together. Step 8: The End 3 If no liquid on the window, it's not nozzle. Find what it is. In the meantime, put everything back together.
  5. I think that's one same thing. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/injector-copper-sealing-ring.html
  6. I experienced that problem the other day when I tried to post Idiot's guide for Air filter replacement. I found it was not possible to do link paste when I copied link in Chrome, while trying to paste in IE. Obviously, I was logged to forum from IE Logging to a forum while in chrome fixed the issue. I did not try to both copy and paste in IE.
  7. Leaking injector seals, my first choice, too.
  8. It would be nice if You'd watch this directly on Youtube, as well as shared it further.
  9. And back on topic, beware, routing USB cable anywhere near tuner antenna may severely impact radio (FM) reception. And for the sake of camera quality discussion, if I'm allowed, here's my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VladanMovies with hundreds of clips, all takn by cameras that cost less than EUR20, and some taken by either Nokia N82, Nokia 5800XM, or Zopo C2 (Chinese Android phone). There is one clip where I compare Zopo to iPhone4 to N82, but that one, sadly, is about the single one not driving clip on the channel.
  10. For all pourposes, appart from the most professional video work, your phone, or the cheapest of the dash cameras will be good enough. IMO, of course. Sent from VladanMovies using Tapatalk
  11. I've put this clip on YT, it's about ignition in prolonged period of freezing temperatures. Nothing special, just a couple of ignitions .. I have couple from previous winters, with one failure due baterry went empty. Couple months ago I've changed it, after 7.5 years, and no problems since, not too big at least, as shown ...
  12. I don't like it too much. I think, maybe counterintuitive, Fusion would be best suited by tuning it retro roadster way, like ready for Arizona, if you can imagine.
  13. Checked the net, At one place they addressed the sqeak to "cranck pulley". At the other, some BMW forum, they addressed it to some sensor rubbing on to discs, with a notion it only happens when brakes are warm.
  14. Sound is similar to brakes squeel, when going slowly with only a light touch of a brake, but quieter, and coming from a different direction. Like from under the floor, centraly from the back. It comes in two stages, the first one is slower, like 2-3 times in 2 seconds, then second one with 3-4 faster sqeaks within a second. All in all it sounds similar to Sqeek.......Squeek.......Squeek.....Squeek..Squeek...Squeek.Squeek. Then it dissappear and dont come again till the next stand still and moving from it. Obviousli, it only appears in the 1st gear. Also, seams it's not present within first 10-15 minutes of driving, after a cold start. Only when the engine gets to a temperature it becomes audiable. What could that be?