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  1. Bonnet Alignment

    Its a mk7 2010 on a 59 reg. Looking at it more closely it looks like the bonnet has dropped on the near side, maybe one of the bump stops is loose? More worryingly though, a knowlegable friend has pointed out to me possible evidence of poorly repaired collision damage! 1) The whole bonnet has been resprayed, evidence of dry spray, tiny sinkage spots & snags. 2) Front bumper similiar. 3) Off side front wing same & is not flush with driver's door (slightly 'inwards' at the top.) 4) Dry spray/rough orange peel at top of driver's door above mirror & area of deep scratches, possibly where filler or high build primer has not been flatted correctly. I purchased the car in April 2012 from a car supermarket in Merseyside (NOT the large national one), thinking that they were reputable & trustworthy I didn't think to check for such defects! (feel a right merchant banker now) 16 months since purchase now so don't think I've got any redress against them now! Any suggestions or advice most gratefully received, thanks!
  2. Bonnet Alignment

    The bonnet on my Fiesta mk8 seems to have gone out of alignment. It seems to be low down on the near side, about 10mm below the top of the head light unit, about 5mm too far to the off side & level with the top of the off side head light unit.It has also become difficult to close without letting it drop. Is there a way of adjusting the alignment? I think the striker not lining up with the catch correctly is causing the closing difficulty.
  3. There's an unusual paint defect on the roof of my MK8 Fiesta. It's a straight line about 2-3mm wide from one side to the other & appears to be under the laquer in the paint. The laquer was blistered along the line but wet flatting with 2500 wet/dry sorted that out, laquer now smooth. The defect is still visible & looks like the paint has sunk along the line. A local bodyshop think the roof has been partially resprayed but not blown in properly & now needs completely respraying at a cost of about £150. Is there a way of repairing this defect without resorting to a full roof respray? Any advice welcome, thanks in advance.
  4. Alloys Or Steel

    Anyone used one of those diy alloy wheel refurb kits, are they much good? Thinking of getting a set of used alloys & refurbing them.
  5. Alloys Or Steel

    What's the most popular type of wheel for the Fiesta, alloy or steel? Which looks best? My 59 reg 1.4 TDCI currently has 15" steel wheels with plastic trims. Would any Ford 15" alloys with the same pcd be just a straight swap? Advice needed, thanks in advance.
  6. Hi From Ormskirk

    Hi guys, newbie from Ormskirk Lancashire here. (2010 59reg Fiesta 1.4 TDCI, 3 door, panther black)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums scottiedog :)