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  1. thanks . bring back the good old days of the mk1 it would take seconds to change bulbs ect . had a feeling it would be a pain . and they say modern cars are more reliable .no just disposable .every little thing nowadays they want you to renew not fix . they complain about pollution levels . in there madness they brake and recycle parts from cars ect and spend thousand to be able to shred ect all the bits , and its so your steered to replace the switch to replace the bulb. how is things like this making all these cars ect more environmentally friendly . yet if you pick up a switch off a old mini or ford ect form the the year blonk you could just pull the bulb holder out and done. my farther has reliants knocking on 30yrs and switches still going strong . ironic really that land rover are still using parts out of the British Layland parts bin from the 70s... bring back cars from the 70s morris miner ,mk1 fiesta , and yes i still think the best car i have ever had is my mk1 fiesta 1.1 GL practical in every sense you could even get a MacDonald and have loads of room for to put stuff . only place a macdonalds cup fits in the mk6 is the floor. mk1 bought with 42000mls and sold on at 147000 8yrs later never let me down once. had the AA out the first week of having mk6 broken front coil spring os .... what a bang ...funny i could drive the mk 1 with a broken spring 350mls home without the AA following me tip tow home and and that was 8 mls home with the mk6 . only one thing i can say about most modern car there designed by w............s and were all stupid enough to buy there c....p. We'll soon be back to the horse and cart. If i had to plug a car in the wall I think i'd give is a hybrid car something new when trains have been doing it for 30yrs ... but you will be expected to pay through the roof for it... that's my rant thanks trenks for that heads up ,though i was 98% expecting the reply you gave me . (yes i know its just a switch,but seen to be everything to touch if its been made in the last 10 yrs).lol
  2. sure halfords do retro fit kits for your model . bin it and just put a standard din fit radio in and take ford out of the problem .
  3. i had a problem like yours but was a mk4 . water got into the pcm unit due to the sunroof leaking... might have nothing to do with it but if you have a sunroof keep a check for a wet floor well..
  4. i think you need to check the drain on your battery first as you could be wasting your money . it could be that the mods (sub -amp ect ) may be draining the battery when car is standing .this drain needs checking first and isolating if to large a draw .. no matter how large a battery. If you don't check for this you will just ruin a new battery of any size ..
  5. odds are the pumps knackered or might of been frozen if freezing out side... listen to see if you can hear the pump running first ... if so run for a few seconds and see if you can see any water dripping off the car underneath . could be a split pipe. still no joy and pump is running try disconnecting the wash pipe off pump and try . this will let you know if the pipe or jets are blocked ... if still no joy and pump works ,remove pump from tank as pump inlet might be blocked. check if pump don't work that front and rear washers are on separate fuses and connector on pump is fine . and it may be the wash switch itself or connector .or relay
  6. i had a knocking on the mk4 fiesta sounded like the engine was going to fall out . turned out to be the gear shift stabilizer arm bush was dry . bolt out greased fixed.. mind it took a bit of finding ..
  7. i don't have the same car but might be worth just checking all the exhaust mountings+ rubbers first ... start with the simple / stupid things first before looking to deep . just a general look over might be staring you in the face..
  8. Any one know if the bulbs are replaceable in these switches? are they easy to remove from dash this a switch strip and solder job to renew bulb?
  9. had the same problem with a mk1 fiesta . thought it was head gasket. after refitting was the same turned out to be the radiator blocked. back flushed it refit . fixed .
  10. seems fine to me your battery won't hold 14 volts , it may read 14v with engine running/ charging battery . you are reading float voltage , this is voltage that will drop off quick after engine or a battery charger has just been removed and will settle around 12.4-12.6ish volts after 30mins or so if it drops to 12.2v or below 12v start to worry after been stood a few hours. hope this helps
  11. well update , reconnected battery to put petrol in at garage on way to dads so i could have try to shut the thing up... had just filled up pulled out of garage and could smell something burning .pulled the car over at road side disconnected the earth lead on battery . opened the boot and smoke started bellowing out. couldn't see where it was coming from. wires seemed ok... anyhow found the horn had gone into removed... but why was it going off? pulled all the plastic panel trims off where wires run under door along the floor in case one had melted nothing. took c'locking /alarm module out it was soaking wet .the pcb was in a bit of a state.cleaned it up best i can with alcohol spray and fibre brush dried it best could , washed all the gunk out of the cover the pcb mounts in. back in now horn was thrown out US so no sounder for alarm now . c'locking still working no deadlocks so no lights flash too. is the cl/alarm unit plug and play if i get one at scrapyard to swap it out as mine has seen better days... not bothered about the key fob remote never worked anyway. worst comes to worse can it be removed altogether and unlock door manually. and not upset the ecu engine running wise. cars on it's last years if not last . don't wan't to spend lots on it as long as i know the module isn't going to course a fire if wet /damaged better removed if it comes to that if possible.
  12. I have a 1996 mk4 ford fiesta alarm went of last night with indicators flashing. This stopped last night when I unlocked the car. The deadlocks didn't work but I'm not to bothered as it was Then today alarm has just gone of again ,horn no flashing lights won't shut off . Had to disconnect the battery, any ideas. also as the car is old is it possible to disconnect the alarm unit altogether I realise I might loose the central locking but will it affect immobiliser .Need to stop the noise at least.
  13. was the corroded wires on the harness plugs or harness earths? see if you can make head sence of this lot st ftr mi % 1.5 - -4.6 lt ftr mi % -14.8 ign adv /deg/ 10.5 takes a while to drop from 20 at idle mal tr/st 0.0000 (possibley) abslt. tps% 18.00 o2s 1 0.085 -3.1 0.500 -4.6 this what was written on a bit of paper i have when it was getting live data off machanics code reader .. but mine is basic and has no live data .....
  14. see if you can make head sence of this lot st ftr mi % 1.5 - -4.6 lt ftr mi % -14.8 ign adv /deg/ 10.5 takes a while to drop from 20 at idle ??? ??/st 0.0000 abslt. tps% 18.00 o2s ?1 0.085 -3.1 0.500 -4.6
  15. thanks for the reply as to pressure readings , seem to fall in spec with haynes book... as follows vac disconnected 2.7 engine running 2.1 hold 1.8 bars min but still haven't counted it out as don.t know the flow . don't have a way of testing but iwould only of thought it would matter at full load but hesitates and tends to miss cold at low revs even sucks back blipping throttle the lean mix would possible do this i suspect but is it fuel ..... had a vac guage on today sitts steady at tick over ... it's a boost guage so scale not as good as a vac only ..but still think it drops to 0 to slow... and i can't find any vac leaks anyware thought it could be a sticking valve? machanic that checked the timing belt is stumped he thinking it might have somthing to do with the ecu ... hope it isn't a valve or the ecu.. ps thank for your input on this..