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  1. 98 Escort Si overheat problem

    When the Head gasket went on my Son's 1.6, there was no sign of oil in ther water or vice versa. This would only occur if the gasket is blowing between the cylinder, a water jacket and oil return holes. In my example it had gone between the water jacket and number 4 cylinder so the cylinder was pressuraising the water system. Sorry to say that it sounds like a head gasket to me, not a horrendous job except timing it up afterwards is a bit of a !Removed!! - Word of advice though, skim the head before refitting!
  2. Needs some painting

    Hi All My son has a 1998 1.6 16v LX in silver. Recently had the head skimmed and new gasket etc. Has a little bit of wear and tear and needs a bit of paint. Can any one tell me which of the numbers on the VIN plate is the paintcode ? Have searched the forum with no luck!
  3. My 1.8si revs itself

    My Son's 1.6 Zetec did this, replaced the EMS temp sender and problem has gone away
  4. Zetec E Head bolt Torque settings

    So thats 25 NM, 45 NM and then 105 degrees? Sorry to appear thick!
  5. Hi All Did a head gasket on my sons 1998 1.6 16v Zetec E recently and it has failed again. Looking at where it s blown it has been suggested that the head was not torque'd down enough. I did it by the Haines Book i.e. 25 NM, 45 NM and then 110 degrees (I believe these were the seetings used, don't have the book in front of me). Anybody have a view on what the correct settings are?
  6. PAS rack replacement

    you can remove the PAS rack without dropping the sub-frame? If you do need to drop it, could ou do it on axle stands?