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  1. Modding/warranty

    Thanks everyone - good advice all round! I'll have a think...
  2. Modding/warranty

    Ahh thanks for the info! So in the case of wheels, could they claim suspension is affected and void the warranty there?
  3. Modding/warranty

    Hi all, hope you can help! This is my first new car, so the rules behind the warranty and modding are new to me too. What can I change without buggering my warranty? I've seen a post about new white ford gel badges for example - is that ok? What about new wheels? I went with the stock 15s, and wished I hadn't but I'd assume I could only replace with Ford wheels specifically for this car? Any thoughts would be appreciated guys and gals :)
  4. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    It's the actual body coloured add on that they've missed - silly Ford! I'll get some snaps up soon - not that there's much to show! (I'm used to big flashy modded photoshoots, so standard is a bit new!)
  5. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Nice one, thanks Alex. Now can you fix my missing front lip?? :p
  6. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Ahhh ok - odd! The catalogue suggested otherwise. Easy enough to change :)
  7. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Just had a look - looks like there is a strip of reds above the glovebox, but the large footwell bulbs are definitely regular yellow bulbs. No biggie though - they're accessible so I'll just replace them myself!
  8. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Hmm, it wasn't dark at the time so may have been misleading - I'll have a look later if/when this pesky sun goes away
  9. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Thanks for the advice - the dealer's too far to take it back, but they're setting me up with something local, so it'll all be fine! :)
  10. First "new" Car - 2013 Zetec, With A Couple Of Issues

    Thanks for the welcome :) The dress up kit will be fixed - it's a misbuild - I noticed 2 miles away from picking the car up on the drive back (120 miles to pick it up!) but I wanted to get home to make sure I wasn't going mad! Apparently it's a disclaimer - they can change spec when they want, so the yellow lights are normal - sounds fishy to me though. It's such a small thing, but I just want everything to be as I ordered - that's not so much to ask surely?
  11. Hi all - I'm Mark, new to the Ford scene having driven old Jap cars until now. It's definitely a nice change! I picked up my white Zetec (+ dress up kit) on Weds, and so far I'm loving it! There are a couple of issues mind you: * The dress up kit didn't come with a front lip - this will be fixed.. * The red ambient lighting is infact yellow - I'm told Ford can change their spec at any time though?? * The drives seat seems to have a spring loose, and it "pings" into my back occassionally, just like a dodgy matress The above aside, it's a fantastic little car - and definitely leaps and bounds from my previous cars. :)
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums mark_a_thorpe :)