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  1. Thermostat Location

    Hi, Could also be a knackered water pump.
  2. Focus Starting Problem

    Hi, Does the rev counter move slightly when you are turning the engine over? If not i would say you have a faulty crank sensor.
  3. Light Problems?

    Hi, Sounds like the wires going into the tailgate have broken and are shorting out.If you look at the top of the tailgate you will see a rubber sheath. The wires for the lighting and rear heater and rear brake light run through there, The constant opening and closing off the tailgate causes theses to wires to break and short out. Seen this a few times on VW and Vauxhalls.
  4. Hydraulic Taps....i Think

    Hi, I remember this when i had a Mk3 Ford escort. Turned out to be a cracked exhaust manifold.It sounded just like a dodgy tappet.
  5. Hello, A Weird Request

    Hi, My Dealer was more than happy to let me test drive a B max to see if it could fit into my garage. I lived more than 20 mins away.
  6. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    I had to laugh at this http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/motoring/motoring-news/ugly-yellow-car-ruins-famous-picture-postcard-view-of-cotswold-village-11363958006297
  7. Rattling Near Drivers Door/seatbelt Mount Area

    When i had a rattle in my Fiesta it was the plastic trim that runs down the side of the windscreen. I had it replaced under warranty and it was fine after that.
  8. Smell When Using Washers

    I find when this happens, is to put a capful of disinfectant in the washer bottle.
  9. Black Thing Beside Rear View Mirror?

    I know it sounds far fetched i thought it did. Something to do with being able to find the car....?.
  10. Black Thing Beside Rear View Mirror?

    According to my Dealer its to do with the Ford emergency assist. Its a Satellite Transmitter/Receiver thing. I thought it was to do with my DAB radio.
  11. Engine Management Light 2013 Fiesta

    Someone on here had problems with there new Fiesta ecoboost, The Engine managment light kept coming on. Turned out to be an issue with the throttle body. I have heard of this a few times.
  12. Trading In Fiesta For A Focus Ecoboost 125

    Hi Ross, No not yet. Went to do the paper work etc and they pointed out a damaged bumper that had happened in the car lot. They are putting it into the body shop for repairs and i am not parting with any money until its 100%. That said a lovely white one has just come in but its the 100 eco boost and i am not quite sure if thats the engine i want.
  13. Trading In Fiesta For A Focus Ecoboost 125

    Final paperwork on sat. It then has to go through Ford safety checks etc. So hopefully middle of next week.
  14. Trading In Fiesta For A Focus Ecoboost 125

    Thanks for the info ross. 9 months wow. Mind you i have only had the Fiesta for 5 months. Hoping to keep the focus a few years tho.
  15. Hi Guys and Gals, I am in the process of Trading in my Fiesta Titanium 1.4 61 plate for a 62 plate Focus 1.0 ecoboost 125 Zetec. We needed something a bit bigger and after a test drive i was smitten. The engine is fantastic. Anyway just a quick one and i am sure it has been asked a million times before . What is this engine like to live with long term?. Any issues i should be aware of or they as bullet proof as the salesman said they are?. Anyway its panther black with 17inch alloys and privacy glass and looks the dogs. Cheers Gareth