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  1. Do Not Have A Turbo Back Exhaust Fitted!!!!

    Iam genuinely very disappointed in whats been done. I have been in contact with the director of the company amd am now getting iy all removed and put back to standard. I just cant belive what they did to a brand new car.
  2. Do Not Have A Turbo Back Exhaust Fitted!!!!

    I know why my car sounds sooooooo crap. I have no cat or silencers not even a back box. Now thus is not what I requested. There is just one pipe from the front straight to the back. :(
  3. As I have said do not do it. It sounds terrible and ridiculously loud. :( :( :( what a waste of money.
  4. New Exhaust System Tomorrow :)

    Good good cant wait for my drive home. Yes iam planning on a remap hopefully the week after next along with the pumaspeed air filter. Iam in talks with a few companies atm as I would like my end result to be about 160 bhp and 210lb/fb so iam seeing what they can do for me and how mich it would cost. Are those figures realistic enough?
  5. New Exhaust System Tomorrow :)

    Ooops sorry its a fiesta zetec s 1.0 ecoboost.
  6. New Exhaust System Tomorrow :)

    Well I did post the other day looking for advice on an exhaust system but didn't get any reply. But anyway tomorrow my car is going in for a bigger down pipe with sports cat and straight through to the rear with a twin tail pipe. I will get photos and videos up asap :). Has anyone done this yet? If so does it sound good?
  7. Ecoboost Exhaust System

    Hi I have been enquiring about a turbo back exhaust system from a few companies and I have a dilema. The company's I have bern dealing with all ha said that I would be better off with a cat back. I have priced up cat back exhausts and it comes in about 375.00 but my argument is why can I not just cut out the front silencer and weld a pice of pipe in place then put a decent back box on it from the company or just put a straight pipe through with just an exhaust tip. What do you guys think?
  8. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    Starred it amazement at the scratch on my wheel that the missus did :( she will get it fixed when he pay comes in.
  9. Nooooooooooooo

    I was driving it normally tbh the reason why I got rid of my vxr was because I always found the need to put my foot down and waste loads of petrol so I got this to drive carefully and get good mpg returns. I wouldn't drive it like that now because its not even run in properly yet. Even if I did put my foot down a but and decided to be a bit rough with the gears thus shouldn't happen.
  10. Nooooooooooooo

    Well a quick update I went to my local ford dealers and complained about the gear linkage dropping off and they said if its back on then to just use it and see how it goes. I was not happy with that but could see their point. Anyway it happend again today :( so another trip is needed to the dealers. All I can say is keep a screw driver handy in the car coz u never know when it's going to happen.
  11. Wind Deflectors Or Not?

    I have a set for sale, ;)
  12. Nooooooooooooo

    Iam gobsmacked at how it came off, I haven't even done 400 miles yet I had to complain to the recoveryccompany 2 times as they wanted me to wait 3.5 hours untill they would come out to recover it. The whole reason why I got rid of the vxr was because of fuel consumption and gearbox failure. I thinl fords will be having a ear full tomo.
  13. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    Well today I fitted my new wind deflectors direct from fords and fitted led bulbs in the number plates the side lights and the foot wells. Also gave it the first clean :) the only thing I cant put the windows up :( I tried to refit them but fo no joy every time the windows vo up they shoot straight down; ( any Ideas? Thanks.
  14. Nooooooooooooo

    Well after just 7 days of having the fezza it broke down :( I was in 4th gear is went to change into 5th and nothing happened the car was stuck in gear and I couldn't do anything about it. Broke down on a really bad corner and couldn't move the car as it was pointing up hill and cant pull off in 4th uphill. And before you ask it was to dangerous to go backwards finally got through to fords assistance and they sent out Millbrook recovery who suspected the gear linkage had broken. He tried fo feel around for it but couldn't feel it so I asked if it would be better to remove the air box and he said he isn't allowed to. So I grabbed a screw driver and took it out myself and then popped off a black cover on the front of the box Nd hey presto there it was the gear linkage that had come off, within a minute it was back on and everything was fine :) do you guys think I should take a trip to fords tomo?
  15. Hi I have the same phone and it happend to me earlier I was puzzled by it I tried everything you tried and in the end I was so fed up I disconnect the neutral off the battery and connected 30 mins later and it wiped everything so I re synced thw phone amd now it works. Hope it helps