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  1. Help!

    The ford alternator is £180 plus vat.... Do not use any other people!! Was fitted this morning and everything is spot on
  2. Help!

    Hi, just thought I'd give an update in case anyone has same problem, turns out the car ecu doesn't like the aftermarket alternator which my mechanic fitted, even though it has a smart charge system etc.... So ford one will be fitted tomorrow! Fingers crossed!! Thanks for any replies
  3. Help!

    Car was serviced by ford around 3 weeks ago, the car will stay on if you put a fair bit of gas on and can be driven, but the light will stay on constantly, thanks in advance for any help
  4. Help!

    Hi all, Cut a long story short, fiesta had alternator replaced on Thursday, battery and new alternator showing Correct voltages, so all working fine. But now I start the car engine will start then will idle roughly for a couple of seconds then cut out, also battery light flicks on pretty much straight away, no codes being shown, mechanic is at a loss as to what is wrong, he's going to take it into ford to see what they say... Anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening? Thanks in advance guys Matt
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Mattyp1 :)