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  1. Alloys

    Anyone know if the fiesta st mk 6 alloys would fit my focus mk 2.5? Anyone done this before? Just really like those alloys and think they would look good on the focus. Hmm actually think they are the wrong amount of studs so forget this post!
  2. Right guys thought I would get my project thread up and running! Bare with me though it will be slow! So at the moment it is completely standard, got a few pics. No pics of inside yet as it needs hovered out! Right now for the plan! Wanting to tint the rear window, lower it, plastics sprayed black, bonnet lip to be sprayed black aswel, gel overlays, black alloys, fit drls, zetec s body kit, looking at getting it remaped aswell. Couple spots of rust that need sorted first though. Not sure how big a job that will be but it needs sorted! Anyway that's the project underway, any ideas give me a shout looking for any feed back or advice!
  3. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Nightmare! Ohwell that's cars for you! Always costing you money!
  4. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Hopefully it's not a big job, going to get them to look at it and price it for me, hopefully a nice price as I work there!
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Thanks for the replies! Just noticed some signs of rust today! Lad at the body shop where I work confirmed it! :(
  6. Custom Heating Controls

    No problem!! Cheers!
  7. Custom Heating Controls

    Yeah I did see them, but it say not for right hand drive models. That surely doesn't matter?
  8. Cree Foglight Bulbs H8

    Any way to tell if this set of bulbs are legal?
  9. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Seen a few on ebay, they all need a bit of work done to them though! Need to save some money up first though! Any other suggestions what to do with the car?
  10. Any Ideas where you can get the custom heater controls for a focus, use to be loads on ebay now I cant find any!! Any ideas? Cheers
  11. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Ah ok then mate! Cheers for that!
  12. Focus Mk2.5 Mod Ideas

    Have you just got a tuning box fitted to yours? I was told the best thing would be to get it remapped instead. Will the front bumper of my car be the same as the zetec s bumper but obviously my car hasn't got the spliter. Can you just buy the splitter and stick to my bumper or do you need a complete bumper.
  13. Hey all Got myself a focus 1.8 tdci zetec, just looking for a few ideas on what you can do with them. Did a bit of research and found out it's not the best engine for tuning, looking at about 146bhp max! Looking at new alloys, lowering it, fitting drls. Was just wondering whether the zetec s boday work would transfer over? Or is it a pain?? Any other ideas on what people have done would be great! Cheers! Niall
  14. Hi All

  15. Hey had my focus zetec tdci 1.8 for about a month now and I am starting to think about a few mods. Just looking for a few ideas, I want to get the rear windows tinted, fancied some new alloys but not looking to spend a fortune just yet. May just spray my wheels instead. I am a novice in moding cars so just looking for info if you have any? Here are a few pics!