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  1. good evening,

    I have exactly the same problem from S-max, the esp light comes on and the car goes into safety mode.
    Can you figure out what the problem is?
    I appreciate your help, thank you very much.
  2. Hello. I have a 58 plate S-Max 2.0 TDCI Zetec with a FSH on 75k miles. Recently, the Engine Malfunction Display came on accompanied by the ESP warning light and the car immediately switched to the get you home 'limp mode'. After I got home I turned the engine off then on again and all the warnings had gone. A few days later it happened again so took it to our local garage (not Ford) and they plugged it into a diagnostics machine and no codes of concern were stored and they said nothing was wrong. A week later it happened again so I took it to the Car Shop dealership I bought it from (with an extended warranty) and they once again put it through diagnostics. It threw up a code of P003A which equates to Turbo Charger Boost Control. Not being Ford specialists they have booked me into our local Ford dealership for further diagnostics. Has anybody had experience of this kind of fault before. I'm confused to be honest and don't know if the ESP warning light is telling me there is problems with the ABS Sensors or module, or if it is a bi-product of the engine going into limp mode and the true fault lies within the Turbo Charger Boost Control. Any views welcome.
  3. Steve

    Welcome to the Ford forums Danz :)