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  1. Happy Birthday Raj Panesar!

  2. Top Gear Tonite!!!

    http://youtu.be/xgYcPYNAd4w victoria watch this me and clarkson 2005 " watch clarkson bounce when i say" ford mondeo st220" regards raj
  3. Focus St-R 302

    funny guy.loooool
  4. Focus St-R 302

    wat mods doin dan
  5. Focus St-R 302

    go for mooondust
  6. Focus St-R 302

    which color u goin g for dan?
  7. Focus St-R 302

    FORD FOCUS ST-R 302 ST-3 FULLY LOADAD ( has every single xtra fitted ) following mods:- Stage 3 Focus ST250 Ecoboost Pumaspeed Edition X3 Tuning Box Pumaspeed Stage 1 Hybrid Turbocharger Milltek Sport Cat Back Sports Exhaust system (with original exhaust trim) Milltek Sport Hi Flow Down Pipe (Decat) Pumaspeed Larger Uprated Intercooler K and N X-Stream Uprated Air Filter Element Dump Valve Focus RS rims 19" powder coated titainum colour 20mm spacers 30mm K&W springs
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Raj Panesar :)

    1. Raj Panesar

      Raj Panesar

      cheers steve!!!!!