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    Rust On Sportka

    Streetka don't rust as bad as normal "hard top" ka's they don't rust around the petrol filler caps because streetka's have rear wheel arch liners so don't get the mud and !Removed! collecting in areas that are prone to rust, only real areas to look for is the bottom of the front inside wheel arches behind the front wheels, bottom of the sills and any exposed areas of the floor pan which can easily be seen by looking underneath
  2. Starter motor spins for a second or two after switching engine off but doesn't engage on flywheel, does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  3. It's only spins for a second or two after switching off so not sure at the moment if its spinning will driving, and only just had new starter motor fitted
  4. Just noticed after switching engine off that the starter motor sounds like its spinning but not engaged,