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  1. Forget Sync Applink

    I´d support it too if I was in the UK. One of the things that are good about the North American consumer community is that there's a much bigger audience, whereas in Europe it's kind of fragmented, even though products and companies derive pretty much from one big mother company, they are represented individually in each country. Looking forward to see what their answer to that last question will be.
  2. Forget Sync Applink

    Haha! This is getting ridiculous, sadly there is probably no way we'll ever know if there has been indeed a hardware enhancement. Can't really tell from the appearance of the console, since it may be internal and besides, those images are the same as the older ones.
  3. Forget Sync Applink

    Bheart, you are a little confused. You have SYNC 1.0 installed, not AppLink 1.0. SYNC 1.1 has AppLink support. And yes, even calling it 1.1 should hint that it's an update, but it sure starts to seem like we'll never see this in our Fiesta's, for now it's only available in new cars. About SYNC 2.0 there isn't much about it yet, but this one looks like a major upgrade of hardware included, launching on Ford Focus.
  4. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    We can just wait and see what they post there. It's ridiculous that they give a couple of months for their website to be updated, they are an international company woth standards to maintain. Not that they are a software company, they sell cars. But providing support for their products should be important as well
  5. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    :D just like earlier smartphones beat my old Nokia 3310, yet my first smartphone never got any firmware updates, so I guess for Sync we're still in that transition phase.
  6. Forget Sync Applink

    What do you mean by saying you have AppLink? I have some sort of menu that says mobile apps, but that has been there since I had the car and my unit has never been updated. If that's what you are refering to, that's not actually AppLink, I could never get that to work... If you really do have AppLink, then congratulations mate! I'm happy for you, at least people whose cars are less than a few months aren't being fooled.
  7. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    That Ford Focus system looks like an european version of Ford Sync MyTouch: http://www.ford.com/technology/sync/ It will definitely become more confusing when they launch that Focus.
  8. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    Exactly, that would be prohibitive, even so, check this article by Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/03/ford-to-offer-free-sync-applink-update/ It basically says that Ford vehicles in the USA as old as 2010 will (probably already did) get the AppLink update. I can't understand what 2010 North American units have that 2013/early2014 european units don't. With the launch of Ford Sync in europe it was advertised as a great new thing, and after that it was easily forgotten by the dealers, to the point that they know even less than us.
  9. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    I agree entirely on that! And know that it's not only Ford UK that is having this issue, since I am not from the UK and Ford here are the same, including the AppLink situation. It's sad though to know that even writing to them may prove worthless. The bluetooth chip you mentioned may be true, even so, if it were due to that it would only require a simple hardware upgrade to fix the issue...
  10. Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

    It's amazing how everyone seems to be so worried about updates and yet there are only 7 replies to the topic I created <_< http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/58216-forget-sync-applink/ I have posted two screenshots from Ford's website claiming that your cars, as well as mine, won't be getting the upgrade we were all waiting for (and were told we would get, by the way). A year after all the talk about the AppLink coming to 2013 cars they end up saying that it will only be available to newer models because there has been some sort of "hardware enhancement". Anyway, from what I have come to realize, the updates made to some of your cars are probably mainly bugfixes and minor updates, nothing much that would be noticeable, let alone the bluetooth audio info or say, the AppLink upgrade. I think we should at least show Ford that we are aware they are providing us a bad customer service and maybe issue complaints about the lack of support and false information.
  11. Forget Sync Applink

    Okay, so as I was going to post a link to the page I took that screenshot from, I found out they changed it in the meantime... I wonder... :P The new text is shown in the image. Here's the link by the way, it's under the FAQs label http://www.ford.co.uk/experience-ford/Technology/Ford-SYNC-with-AppLink All it seems to me from all the pictures is that the interface is precisely the same, and I can't really think about any hardware changes that would only allow AppLink on this rocket science "enhanced" version, as I can see it, it's a mic, the DAB with bluetooth connection and the rest is software, right?!
  12. Forget Sync Applink

    Exactly! That upgrade message about the local Ford dealer and the "future possibility" of upgrading through usb pendrive is as ancient as SYNC has been available in Europe. And yet no sign of the usb update, and now that the AppLink is finally available, it is not, because somehow they found an excuse to only allowing it for the newer models...
  13. Forget Sync Applink

    I don't know if any of you have been to Ford's website lately, but if you have you may have noticed that the info about SYNC has been updated. As it appears, AppLink is finally available in Europe, but this is not what brought me here. See the image below to know what did. I can't express how p***ed I am about this thing, when you have a car that's 1 year old (and I mean not only the car registration but also the model launch itself has been a little more than a year ago) and the system is already outdated?!?! And to think I even bought the Sony special DAB, which cost a lot more, come on man! These guys are completely ripping us off! Of course technology keeps evolving, there's no denying that, but I believe most of you that are probably in the same situationas I am are giving this some thought too. Besides, do you believe there has been such a (hardware) enhancement? Or do you think they are only saying that to make you buy a new car (not that I would trade my 1 year old car just because of something like AppLink). All I know is I have been waiting for this update for almost as soon as I got my Fiesta and now it's available only for new models? What do you think about this? All that s****y talk about updating through a usb pendrive and such I guess it's all for nothing now. Even so, I can't complain as much as the people who are waiting for their ordered cars to arrive and when they do the system will already be outdated. Ridiculous, that's all I have to say. Shame on you Ford
  14. Sync Applink

    Exactly, or whether it will be available as a firmware update to the current SYNC equipped Fiestas.
  15. Hi to all! :) I was wondering, has anyone updated their SYNC system in their dealer? I have had my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost since May 2013 and I thought that there might be some kind of update already... (nowhere near usb updates I guess) The thing is that my dealer isn't very helpful in what comes to modifications, whichever their nature is, authorized or unauthorized xD their goal is to sell a car and then they forget about any kind of support that isn't scheduled maintenance $$$ What firmware version do you have? Also, the Applink system has been announced for cars in Europe In September 2013 but there are no news yet, even though it's mid January 2014. Do you think it will come as an update to Sync enabled cars or will it only ship in newer vehicles? Share your thoughts please... Cheers!