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  1. B13

    My Fiesta van

    Nice van!! I've also got a Fiesta van and I just love it! Smart, small, but very practical.
  2. B13

    Terraclean, Anyone Had It Done?

    I had it done to my Fiesta van this year, and will be adding it to it's yearly service schedule from now on. To be fair, I only use Shell V-Power diesel in my vehicle, so I get very good mpg as it is, but there are other benefits to a Terraclean service aside from improving the mpg (lowering emissions, etc) so I'd recommend it. :)
  3. B13

    Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    Try hitting the air recycling button. I found the aircon to be absolutely non-existent until I did that and hey presto! VERY cold air... ;)
  4. I SERIOUSLY need this done to my 2010 Fiesta!! B-)
  5. I have a 2010 1.6 TDCI (admittedly the Sport van variant) and get around 57mpg on a typical 20 mile A and B road journey. This drops to around 51mpg in Winter. :)
  6. I bought a ticket and a "car pass". Does that mean I'm on the FOC stand? :) *five seconds later* Derp. Just checked the FOC Stand list and yep, I'm on it. :D
  7. Tickets booked, hotel booked, The Van booked in to various places to have things scrubbed and polished in the meantime!! B)
  8. I've gone with Adrian Flux in the end. Slightly concerned that the company they insured me with is registered in Malta, but we'll see how it goes...
  9. Gave Adrian Flux a call, they've come back with a quote from Trinity Lane Insurance. Anyone have an experience with them? Good or bad? Ta!
  10. Steve

    Happy Birthday B13!

  11. Oh good grief... Seriously?? Ye gods... Sent from Ye Olde iPadde using Ford OC
  12. My Ford Fiesta Sport van's insurance is up for renewal, so I thought I'd better tell the insurers that I've had a couple of security modifications made to it: I've had the top half of the existing half bulkhead fitted to make it a full bulkhead and had the rear window tinted so that nosey people can't see what's in the loadbay. Result? My current insurer (Admiral Van) won't insure me, nor will four of the other cheapest insurers (they don't 'do' tinted windows, y'see.) but Aviva will, at - wait for it - double the price. ...er... I had the mods done to make the van LESS attractive to thieves and I get penalised for it??? WTH??? AAAAARGH!!! But if I DIDN'T tell them and I had an accident, because of the modifications, I'd probably not be insured... You can't win, can you? Sent from Ye Olde iPadde using Ford OC
  13. B13

    Things I Don't Like

    It's not smokers as people, it's just the one who lives downstairs from me/the other three residents in this half of the building, who smokes like an industrial flippin' furnace (seriously!!), stinking out all the surrounding flats - and aggravating my flippin' athsma!She promised that she'd open her windows when she smokes (it's not her fault that the flats are about as airtight as a colander, after all) but she seems to have forgotten that bit... Don't get me wrong, I'm not picking on her (or smokers in general) it's all about being neighbourly: we've all asked nicely to find a solution, I've offered to come pop in and seal up some gaps (and I've sealed up all the gaps I can find in my flat too), so nope, not picking on her, we residents just don't like the smell of her cigarette/cigar/industrial furnace smoke!! I don't have anything against her as a person, so more correctly, I agree, I should have said that I hate smoke, not smokers. ;) Sent from Ye Olde iPadde using Ford OC
  14. B13

    Things I Don't Like

    Smokers (or at least, the woman downstairs who's smoke has made my flat absolutely STINK, re-awakening my athsma.) Dropping a large pot of fish food flakes on the floor The bathroom heater going ***BANG!!!*** The guy I work with being a bullying [bLEEP!!!] (Debating walking out and telling him to shove it, tbh.) Being angry (See above. I really don't like being angry, it's not a normal state of mind for me.) Being single (I could really do with a hug right now, but the only other occupants of my smoke-filled flat are my fish and they've got the hump because breakfast was late because I dropped the damn fish food) Being cold (See "bathroom heater") [iNSERT SUITABLE SWEARWORD HERE] Sent from Ye Olde iPadde using Ford OC
  15. Me. :-D (Couldn't resist that one, sorry ... but it IS true!!) Might it be a belt slipping? Sent from my iPigeon using Ford OC