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  1. For health reasons, I am really limited to automatic g/b cars. Has anyone converted a Mk4 Escort from manual to auto? I know I'll need the g/b, torque converter, pedal box, gear lever( & surround), drive shafts and find the gearbox mounting holes; but any other pitfalls before I start going daft and ripping stuff apart? Thanks, Davef
  2. Hi all, just joined, will upset people, post inappropriate stuff, and be a general pain til I get banned! Seriously, just started playing with Fords again and will be making some major mods to an XR3i Cab I haven't got yet! No doubt I'll be needing your collective wisdom, and I hope I'll add my own, especially on older stuff. Talk to you all soon. :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums davef2901 :)