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  1. USB Sync Issues

    Hi, I have tried searching the forums but cant find a solution to my problem. My 2013 Titanium has all of a sudden stopped playing music through the USB port..Doesnt matter if its my ipod, phone or USB stick... Things will charge and be recognised but nothing will play. If I do a master reset, things start playing but I get a message saying "No Autoplay while indexing".... and it doesnt go. I then turn my car off and when I turn it back on again, we're back to square 1 with no music again.... I have tried pulling fuses 67 and 79 but still nothing... Can anyone else suggest anything? Thanks in advance
  2. Focus Bonnet Won't Open

    Hi, Firstly I apologise if this has been covered somewhere but I have searched and cannot find what I am looking for :-/ I have a 2006 tdci Focus and the bonnet will not budge. I have tried the screwdriver trick but nothing. A ford dealer had a quick look at it and they seem to think it is the latch that is broken. Does anyone know how to open the bonnet by either braking the grille or from underneath the car? I am not the best when it comes to mechanics but any help or guidance would be massively appreciated! Thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums milodi :)