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  1. Help!!!!!

    Thanks,doing some research and having read a lot of similar posts,it does sound very similar,would this explain the ticking clicking noise too?
  2. Help!!!!!

    Thanks for the reply,I have changed all of the above,when I get this juddering of the engine,a ticking noise cones from the dash,occassionally the Speedo will simply reset or drop to zero????
  3. car dying need help!!!

  4. Help!!!!!

    Ok so I drive a clapped out 1.4 ford focus 2000 plate,I have had a problem when car is under pressure,ie when I accelerate from traffic lights or up steep hills, First the car will seem to lose power,a clicking/ticking noise can be heard from the dashboard with a juddering of the engine,feels like it just wont pick up revs. When cruising along there is no issue,only when having to put engine under pressure????????
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ross2603 :)