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  1. I am sure I have read on here how to do this without removing the whole bumper, but for the life of me I can't find the post, google just keeps sending me to ebay :s So can someone point me in the right direction please? or throw the info over here :D The part in the pic with the arrow ;) not my motor but it peeing down so I didnt want to get the camera wet lol many thanks dave
  2. Dohboys St220 Wagon

    jammy bugger :D
  3. Dohboys St220 Wagon

    nice, did you buy the calipers painted or send them away for refurb?
  4. Its Finally Here - Need Some Help

    might find it here http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/search.php?keywords=parcel+shelf
  5. Genuine Ford Stuff

    Yes I have bought from them albeit only gear knobs handbrake handles and the like they were genuine ford in ford boxes. :)
  6. Meguiar's Ultimate Compound And Swirls...

    on hologramming -> http://www.carcleaningguru.com/removing-buffer-trailshologramming/ As far as I am aware autoglym super resin has fillers so yes it will take them out, but when the fillers where away then they will reappear. ( if memory serves me correctly which is not that reliable so i may be wrong lol) myself i would and do use megs 105 mirror glaze for deeper (with orange pad) and megs 205 (white pad) for the lighter stuff. Pad clolours dont count if they are megs pads as they have their own colour system lol Like him or hate him when i started looking this all up for 10 yr old paint i ended up watching shed loads of stuff on you tube by "junkman2000" and i watched it over and over and over. hope in some small way this helps :)
  7. Alloys

    Had 5 mins spare :) dont know if it is what youre after..
  8. Stoneys St3 (formerly Known As 'subtle Hint')

    Very Nice ... can tell you were excited due to the slight blurriness of the pics lol
  9. Does any one know the replacement part number for the broken vac pipe in the photo plz... and how urgent is it to repair?? thanks for any help sorry 1.8 tdci 55 plate
  10. Broken Map Sensor Vacuum Pipe

    yeah its the bottom pipe of the 3 above the bracket and screw no code so it looks like it cant be bought seprate, which is a sod as it means 25 quid at least for a piece of plastic pipe 6 inches long. typical ford lol thanks for that by the way Nexus
  11. Broken Map Sensor Vacuum Pipe

    The only code i see on the pipe itself is "4M5Q 9S428-AA" but that brings up squat :(
  12. Broken Map Sensor Vacuum Pipe

    having a look at epoxy fix for now ... and plasters for the 10000 cuts getting the pipe of lmao cheers ;)
  13. Broken Map Sensor Vacuum Pipe

    its an option as a temp measure but no idea if i will get codes thrown at me lol, only caught the flippin thing with a rag :(
  14. Hi all, as per the title can anyone give me a clue on fuse sizes in the passenger side fuse box, I only have ato sizes so i can't measure and can't find the info online. focus 55 plate 1.8 tdci many thanks :)
  15. Focus Mk2 Fuse Size Mini Or Micro?

    lol Original charger/power for cam is a cig lighter type ... Input = 12/24v 1amp/max Output = 5v 1Amp/Max and the step down ransformer Input = 12/24 v ??? amps Output = 5v 1.5amp I cant open the original charger without smashing it open unfortunately, am mainly looking at adding a piggy back fuse between fusebox and transformer. Not sure all this is any clearer. head spinning lol many thanks :)
  16. Focus Mk2 Fuse Size Mini Or Micro?

    as an off chance does any one have any idea what amp fuse to use when using "add a fuse" for a dash cam, I am going to use a 10amp as the original and have a hardwire kit however my add a fuse did not come with a fuse, i thought 3-5amp but as the fuse is added before the hardwire kit that steps the voltage down from 12v to 5v i thought it might need a bigger one??? if that makes sense lol
  17. Focus Mk2 Fuse Size Mini Or Micro?

    lol wow never knew anything like this existed, as it's a pain in the **** trying to see if one has gone or not, many thanks for the link. :D
  18. Focus Mk2 Fuse Size Mini Or Micro?

    Many Thanks for the additional info :D
  19. Focus Mk2 Fuse Size Mini Or Micro?

    Many thanks, much appreciated :-)
  20. Foam Lance Connection

    Hi all anybody have an idea what connector fits a vax pressure washer? Cheers for any help :-)
  21. Foam Lance Connection

    a bit of a vague question lol i was in a rush. anyway for future reference anybody owning a vax pressure washer and wishing to buy a heavy duty foam lance then you need a lavor connecter. :)
  22. Focus 2005 Mk2 1.8Tdci With Egr Valve Fault!

    yes and no thats mk2.5 my mk2 1.8 has the valve fitted as per pic when taking trim from near bottom of the windscreen be careful as I stress fractured mine and required a replacement :( but it was cheap so hey ho :)
  23. Focus 2005 Mk2 1.8Tdci With Egr Valve Fault!

    sorry double post