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  1. snow

    Used to love it when i was little...NOW I HATE IT
  2. Engine problem

    I would check your idle speed control valve and maybe (depending how long they have been in) renew your spark plugs at the same time!
  3. ST170 Alloys

    They will fit spot on! Only thing worth doing is getting the balancing checked
  4. First Car

    First car is always the best
  5. Fitting A body Kit!

    Anyone know where there is a step by step guide, available for fitting a bodykit to a mk4 fiesta (snoopy side skirts etc)
  6. Jus had my alloys put on

    Ill get some pictures up soon, all i have done so far is added a chrome tailpipe I have just put new brakes on, adjusted the tapits and put new spark plugs in.(basically gave it a service)
  7. Will 16" rims fit my 98 fiesta?

    Thanks for fixing me up with tht link vinny. ;) made a little sense. Thanks for getting back to me mig. I managed to find out what size Rims you can go to for a mk4 fiesta. You can go all the way to 17", but this means you need to get lower profile tyres, so it doesnt effect the wheel ratio. BUT 17" is to expensive, and the tyres are aswel when you come to replace. Guna get 16" rims with a low profile.
  8. Will 16" rims fit my 98 fiesta?

    Link doesnt work m8
  9. Will 16" rims fit my 98 fiesta?

    Also what does offset mean when buying alloys
  10. My fiesta (98) has the standard 15" wheels on and i want to put 16" Alloys on. Will they fit? Also will 17" Alloys fit aswell.
  11. Jus had my alloys put on

    Your car looks amazing. I am currently working on my fiesta and i was just wondering...Do you need to inform your insurnace company if your changing your lights. Im not changing the light colour btw. Also where did you get ur rear lexus lights from/and are they black lights.
  12. Mk4 Fiesta Colour Code

    I have a 98 Fiesta, blue body work and grey bumpers. Thing is i am trying to find the colour code for the blue on my car. I have looked through all my documents and cant find it. Is it anywhere on the car its self
  13. clutch problem.. need a bit of info

    The best thing i would do is to go to a local garage or car shops (like halfords) and tell them your make a model and ask what they would recommend.
  14. ford fiesta odd noise

    Its an old car and you are going to get funny noises and little sounds, but what i would do is get your clucth checked (i would say a family mechanic). If you cant get this done, just hang on for the weather to change, like you say it could just be the cold weather. Also the noise could be ocurring from somewhere else.
  15. Mk4 Fiesta Questions

    Well i have also just got a 98 fiesta (first car - had it for 7months) and i can help you out on these. 1)To find the the colour code of your car i would check either your MOT certificate or your registration document. (Somtimes it is also in your car book.) If you still cant find it go to a local garage. 2)The best scratch touch up is proberlys from halfords, with the coloured pen. A tip here is not to buy a cheap one, they dont work as good. 3)If your after standard wheels for your fiesta, i would go to a local salvage yard. You can get some really top qualiy gear at a decent price. 4)I have the exact size tires and to be honest i only buy michelin or goodyear tyres. 5)Once again try a salvage yard for a spoiler or even ebay, but if i was you i would not bother getting one, there is alot of work just fitting it, if your fiesta comes standard without one. Any other questions just PM me ill be happy to help.