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  1. Squeaky gearbox Mk7

    Evening chaps. I have a squeaky gearstick on a 59 plate Mk7. When I move from first/third backwards to second/fourth the gear mechanism squeaks and it sounds like it’s coming from under the gearstick casing in the cabin itself. Any ideas how to remove the plastic/pleather casing around the gearstick so I can test dropping a few drops of oil in to see if it cures it before I go the more expensive route (eg the garage!) Thanks MB
  2. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Not a massive driver (hence the Fiesta ;)) - think I'll have only done about 400 miles in it since I bought it and most of that just up and down the motorway on several 50-mile trips. I always get the feeling that warranties and insurance aren't really worth the paper they're written on - seem to be more about what they won't cover than what they will cover. Hence not being optimistic that they'll cover the cost! Still, it's the kind of gesture that if they did pay for then I'd probably buy cars from them in the future, recommend to friends etc. Cheers!
  3. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Cheers kev, I've had it about 2 months - if it is the clutch, I wouldn't mind paying a contribution towards it but kind of feel that if there is something wrong then it was probably unfair of them to sell it on in the first place. Another thought did occur - if it was the clutch, wouldn't it affect all gears? I've never noticed anything wrong with any of the others - at least no crunching like some of the guys here have pointed out.Also, there's only 30k on the clock - I guess the former owner would have had to rag the bejesus out of it to damage the clutch so quickly? Assuming not faulty from the start... Cheers!
  4. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Evening guys, Just thought I'd give you an update. Popped into the garage today and asked if one of the mechanics could have a look over her. Took him through the stuff explained above - every time I put it into neutral, lifted the clutched, dipped clutch and put it into reverse it crunched. Playing devils advocate I asked if we could see if we could replicate the issue in a couple of the other fiestas on the forecourt - which we couldn't. A little bit of a crunch, but not as severe. Seemed a nice guy - pretty patient. So he said he'd need to book it in and have a look at the clutch. So, 2 questions: 1) I'm no mechanic but based on the feedback here and on google generally, it seems to be a gearbox issue rather than a clutch issue? Could clutch be responsible? Am not trying to make work for works sake... 2) The guy on the helpdesk said that they don't normally cover clutches under warranty but because 'I've only had the car a shortwhile' they'd consider it and 'needed to speak with the sales team' to see if they would cover it. Not sure I fancy a large bill! Any similar experience? Cheers guys!
  5. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Cheers Phil, I got my car through Jennings Ford Used Car Outlet so not sure that quite counts as a Ford warranty!? Guys at Jennings seemed decent when I bought it from them but I imagine a salesman's always nice to the customer, haha! Wouldn't mind your ST like ;)
  6. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Cheers Phil, I suppose that, for me, doing what you did and lifting the clutch up in neutral and then putting it into reverse made it crunch even more for me than it did before! Anyone got any experience on taking a used car back to Jennings/ other garages whilst under warranty? I Imagine that the garage will do anything to say it's just down to wear and tear etc.
  7. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Afternoon chaps, Kev - haha yes, knowing my luck I'm the 5%! Just seems a bit too frequent for it to be normal behaviour. CharlieFarlie - I tried going from first into neutral, lifting the clutch up, pushing the clutch down and then into reverse - crunched every time! Out of interest, what speeds do you guys shift up gear at? Cheers guys!
  8. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Morning guys, thanks again for your replies. Just had a play around going from first into neutral, raising the clutch in neutral, and then clutch down into reverse. It crunched every time it went into reverse! I sounded like a proper learner driver again haha! :) Is this actually healthy for the gearbox? Sorry to keep asking the same question - just trying to distinguish between the a common fault or if it's something more serious. Am a bit conscious the garage might just try and fob me off. Thanks! :)
  9. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Cheers for all your replies guys, dead helpful. Is reverse gear really this bad for all Mk7 Fiesta owners? If it was only once every so often I'd totally understand, it just seems that it happens a bit too frequently! :) I can live with it if it's normal behaviour though - am just keen to distinguish the point in-between a workable fault and imminent mechanical failure. Willy/Kev - It's when I need to reverse quickly (like in busy supermarket car parks etc) so it typically happens most often when going from 1st into reverse anyway. Will try banging it into fifth/neutral and then into reverse tho. Do you guys get a light whirring sound (not just neutral revs) when it doesn't engage too? I've just got the 1.2 82bhp engine. I'm more used to driving diesels so maybe it's just about getting used to driving a petrol but 15mph doesn't seem that slow for third gear! Does it do the engine any harm when doing say 15mph in 3rd/30mph in 4th? The breakpads are also quite noisy/kick out alot of dust - I can really hear them rubbing together when under breaking so I think I'll need to get them changed anyway but will try getting a pressure washer under them Sammy! Thanks again guys.
  10. A Couple Of Mk7 Issues...

    Afternoon chaps, I bought myself a 09 reg Mk7 1.2 Fiesta Zetec a couple of months ago. Nice little car (if a bit underpowered) :). The 3 month warranty is almost up and I'm wondering if I should get a couple of things checked out with the garage I bought it from (Jennings Ford). If anyone's got anything to say about the below then that would be dead helpful. 1) Gearbox. The car seems to have an issue with reverse gear. Pretty much every time I try to reverse, the first time I put it into reverse it doesn't engage. The second/third time I put it into reverse tho it engages fine. When it doesn't go in, it kind of just makes a whirring sound. Other times it makes the usual crunch sound - even when stationary. Have read that this seems that reverse gear is quite a common issue on Fiestas, but am not sure when it becomes 'too much' of an issue - i.e. about to go kaput. 2) A bit rough - I'm probably just being overly sensitive, but if I'm in say third gear and doing 15-20mph, the car feels a bit rough, maybe like it's not firing correctly. I know all cars struggle when going slow in a higher gear but it doesn't feel as smooth as it does under acceleration. Does that make sense?? 3) Squeak - It's developed a bit of a squeak at low speeds whilst moving (i.e. not under breaking). Sounds a bit like a hamster! It doesn't sound serious, just wonder what's causing it - it sounds like a rotational issue - any ideas? It also seems to be kicking out a bit of break dust on the front wheel alloys - wonder if maybe just a break disc issue (even though it doesn't squeak under breaking)? Has just under 30k on the clock and from the log book it looks like it was serviced regularly. Any thoughts would be brill, thanks! MB.
  11. Exhaust Rattle

    Cheers Stef, like you suspected it's the heat shield above the exhaust. Pulled this fella out earlier! The shield had rusted through where it was attached to the bolts that were holding it up. It pulled out easy enough and would push back into position but I don't think I could re-bolt it - the threads on the bolts have rusted away. Think it would have to be a screw or spot-weld job. I did some googling today though and it seems lots of ppl get away with taking their heat shields off? Main concern seemed to be not parking on grass? Cant imagine that would be a problem in the north of England either way... Reckon it will be OK with the rear heat shield removed for a while/permanently? Cheers man. MB (ps...excuse rust...have to say I'm slightly ashamed! But she's an old dear...)
  12. Exhaust Rattle

    Hi Guys... One of those weeks... OK so I've just got back from hols (where you guys kindly helped me with a handbrake problem!!) and pull up with the window down... I can hear a fairly loud rattling noise (louder than idling) ...cue that heart in stomach feeling... It's dark so I couldn't see much but the rattle is coming from the exhaust area, if not the exhaust itself. I should have tried seeing if it rattled with clutch down, revving it etc but didn't really want to p*** the neighbours off so I'll need to have a proper scooch at it tomorrow. Any early ideas what it might be, things to check myself?? Obviously I've been a bit vague so far so not much to go on... I'm no mechanic but to me it didn't sound too unhealthy (now jinxed?) - it was rattling at the same rhythm the engine idled at if that make sense, but not in a nice way. I've been on some rural roads lately so am thinking something might have just decided to give way... Focus mk2, 1.6 tdci, 55 plate, about a trillion miles on the clock... Cheers guys. MB
  13. Handbrake Issue?

    Hi Guys, Cheers for all your replies. It's weird, it's been fine since, though it seems to hold better facing down a hill than pointing up a hill? First night afterwards I did put a couple of larger stones under the front wheels though just in case it tried to move... It feels like the cable is still tight and is resistant to being pulled too far. I took the cover off the handbrake to have a look at mechanism and it looks like the catch (the handbrake pin?) might be a bit worn, though the teeth on the wheel that the pin catches on look fine. Since I'm on holidays at the moment I'm leaving it until I get home. Think I'll tighten the bolt up a notch but it's only a month until I need to get her MOT'd anyway so think I'll ask my usual garage to have a look at it then and check the drums etc. No point throwing money at it now in case it fails next month anyway!! Cheers guys, really helpful input from all of you. Cheers guys
  14. Handbrake Issue?

    Hi Guys, Pulled up in the car park today and found my handbrake wasn't working when I tried to pull handbrake up. The handbrake has pull on it but doesn't catch - it wasn't making that 'clicking sound' and catching when you pull it up. But! I left it a couple of mins and then it started catching again. Doesn't feel like its catching as strongly but still holds... I parked on a hill later to test handbrake and it worked fine (also put car in gear) and car didn't move...but I'm thinking that if it doesn't break now then it'll probably properly break soon...? Anyway, can you guys help me out with a couple of questions?? 1) What's the mechanism in the handbrake called that catches when you pull the handbrake up?? Just so I can explain it to garage... 2) Anyone have any similar experience and what do you think the cost will be? I'm guessing maybe £100ish? 3) I have AA Homestart with an insurance add-on where I can claim the cost of repairs through the AA when the car has broken down - do you think this would be covered through AA? I.e. car is unsafe to drive? It's a 2005 Focus Mk2. Thanks guys, MB.
  15. Ford Focus Knocking Sound

    Nah it was just loose, I think it was supported by the other bolt so they re-drilled the one that had snapped and put an extra one in. Still, glad it's sorted when you put it like that...! Went out today, still a v feint noise (which they explained would never go away) but much healthier. Not bad for a 115,000 miles-old car!! Hoping she can get to 130k tho... Can't believe all that heat shield came out from under your car!! Looks like its had its intestines ripped out!!!