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  1. Right, it's been quite a while since I was on here last. This is sorted now but thought I would mention it here as I found it hard to get info on this. Mates sons car 2010 fiesta 1.6 d 8v shredded it's cam belt and he drove it to garage. Anyway garage replaced belt and water pump but it would not start. They basically washed there hands of it and delivered it back on trailer. I removed head and one valve per cylinder had contacted pistons so had valves checked and reground as passing and skimmed put back together but no didn't start. Replaced the crank pulley as it was damaged on the magnetised section for the sensor but still no go. Showed no faults with diagnostic tool and in end after reading up on cams I removed his to see if if was a cast unit or a tube one with lobes sweated on. Turned out to be the latter. Took the plunge and bought new cam and fitted and yes it started. I cant believe how soft these cams are. Anyway if it helps someone great tried loading pic of cams side by side as you can see one cam lobe per cylinder rotated out of position compared to new one obviously when valve hit piston, so valves survived cam didn't. See if pics load now. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Need to find where the air is coming from, check all joints in pipes as it will never run right with air in there.
  3. Firstly Lenny and Vicki I apologise for not been on and keeping up with your situation with the little one, really happy he is Ok and home, also glad you seem to be on the mend big lad lol. Hope you all have a top Christmas and new year. Lenny will you ever stop modding that car, I doubt it so keep up the good work. Stay safe, well under the thumb its the only way mate. :P
  4. georgen

    Focus Mk 2.5 Tuning Box Fitting

    Cant answer that but I can tell you that you cant see where to fit it on a 1.6 tdci either, but on that its like under fuel filter and round the back of engine,under pipe and is a right Git to get at, worth it when in but an experience fitting it. I am sure i put pics on here when i done it but that was for 1.6tdci.
  5. i secretly operate in centimetres when I'm alone.. However all trades men speak in millimetres so i used google convert to help me speak the lingo to you guys:) In a bid to sound cool I got it wrong though ok ok anything below 1 on the CM line IS ALREADY millimetres got it I was assuming they were centimetres and converting them to millimetres Good job I'm building it myself and not over the phone. its spot on when I'm looking at it When purchasing the sheet we went to first DIY store i said: " Hi, I'm looking for a sheet of MDF, Need it as close in size to: 42 Inch long 15 Cm thick 406.4 MM wide If you have it? " PMSL, inches, mm,s and cm,s in same sentence
  6. Tramadol does mess with you a bit, and I tend to stay off it as much as possible for the same reason, Congrats on the wedding and lasting all this time with a hormonal Victoria lol. have you just got the focus now, i still have mine well our lass still has my old one lol. good luck with the install, and taking that much interior out wont be good for the back man. I am fine mate, Jeep has me skint. clutch went last saturday as thrust bearing seized and cut through pressure plate lol. going out playing in it tomorrow so ill try not to break it lol. Heres a vid of 3 month ago you should go on my channel and have a look, i cant remember last one i sent you.
  7. A bit like Mr blobby but not pink with spots, Lennys artistic side will come out on the pumpkins and they will turn out great, have a little faith Victoria.
  8. Thats the norm where i come from, cant have the kids walking about with Naff pumkins lol. ps Vic how fat are yer now :P
  9. Lenny, you know Ive had a bad back for years now, well mate at work has trouble too and his flared up, he didnt take no for an answer and insisted on a scan not a ex-ray of his back, from that scan they sent him to specialist so a Mr not a doctor and he says its the best thing he has done. within two weeks had surgery on his back as his S1 and S2 was being compressed by his spine, 3 weeks later he was back at work. dont get me wrong he is taking it easy to build strength and confidence in it but he says for the first time in years he is pain free, has slight niggles but 99% better than he was. he is trying to get me to get stuck into my doctors for a referral, point here is doctors offered him tablets that didnt work just took the edge off, once past the doctors stage even if you pay private for the scan you are then at the Mr stage and they know there stuff a lot better than a GP, not dissing a GP but in these cases you need to go higher.
  10. One thing you need with kids is a big boot, even to carry all there crap about, thing about 7 seaters is you loose the boot completely, so yes could put kids in but thats all. Price wise modding is a mugs game as in when you sell you never get it back and end up price wise a little over a nice standard version as people will pay top money as its clean and nice on the eye, like a top top version v a base spec moddle, which would you choose. my last modded car i sold was my leon cupra, spent a fortune on it and it went like stink and looked stunning, money wise got what a really nice standard version would get, before that the polo, one of a kind the only 6 speed gti powered 6n2 out there, when I sold it i offered it in three guises. the complete car as it was. the car without the wheels and the car without its wheels or leather interior. the buyer bought the car only but i did put a standard gti interior in for him but he had to bring wheels with him and put his on before he drove away, sold my wheels within a week and the interior well some lad drove from london to sunderland, arrived here raining and dark, I stripped the drivers seat out as he had already removed the rest and fitted the leather interior and put his seat in the back, he then left for the return journey. selling modified cars is not straight forward mate and the only winner is the buyer.