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  1. KEY proggraming tool

    Hello my friends, i realy need your help! It will be weird to ask here, but since this is the best forum ive ever been in, i think you can help me with this. This year apart from my Focus i bouth a second car SMART FORTWO year 2004. Its the second time tha my key looses coding for no reasson, the mechanic told me its a bug on this cars, so the best way will be to buy a key proggraming tool clone! So im asking you to suggest me any Key programm tool witch totaly supports this car for programming my key please! I've searched in browser but with no luck, so now i need your good experience guys!
  2. Side Mirror Remove , Focus Mk2

    Please i want to remove my hall side mirro but i need some tutorial with pictures becouse i havent done ti before. My mirrors are with heating and electric so i must be carefull. Aprritiate your help!
  3. Happy Birthday andysvision!

  4. Oil Change For Focus 2.0 Tfci ?

    What oil should i buy, witch is best recomended?
  5. Oil Change For Focus 2.0 Tfci ?

    Hello guys, my time for changing oil has finally came and i need your advece. I have a Focus 2.0TDCi 2006 with 119k km on the oddometer.What oil should i buy, witch is best recomended? i live in Greece with a good climate, warm in summer and normal cold in winter. my suspision is that they might have changed the "Km" on my oddometer and it might have 219k km. Anyway in the too cases please tell me what oil to take? 119k km diesel------- >>>> ???? 219k km diesel------- >>>> ????
  6. Here is my situation. After parking my car in a neighborhood, one "animal"(a scamer) broke my front glass witch i was quoted for 200euros becouse i had it with sensor and with some wires. I never menaged to find the agressor to tell to the police. Now please help me with a dash cam that would record the agressor in such situations please, i am a little short on mnoey so please sugest me the best brand you know under 140 dollars. I also would like the cam to record for any parking scamer who break my car when im not there. Thank you
  7. Hello everybody i have a Focus Mk2 2.0 TDCi , and lately i have run short on money and my car is a bit expensive in fuel so i gladely read this post saying that actually we can convert the diesel to gas, LPG fuel ? wow didnt realy think it at all . Now i want your experience and what you thing is it worth it ? anyone runs this system ? Thank you .
  8. Thank you very very much so i can change its backplate with mine right ? DAmn this is the left one? i want the right one : ( i have it metalic grey shining .
  9. i have it with heated and electric one . i have Focus 2006 2.0TDci prefacelift .
  10. I realy cant find it on ebay mate becouse i even dont know what to type for this part so can you help me please and send me any links . i would realy apritiate :) thank you
  11. Hello everybody i own a Focus mk2 and i damaged the part that conects the side mirror glass with the motor . Look at the pictures please : Does anyone if i can buy this part only without the moteor . or maby The brokes white clip marked in the picture ? can anyone provide me any ebay part like this please ? i realy apritiate .
  12. Key Problem !

    ( FIXED ) Just changed my battery and all back to normal . Thank you !
  13. Key Problem !

    Hello everyone hope everyone is doing fine. Now here it's my problem , for some time my key doesn't work prperly for example it doest take the action with only one click , but i have to keep pushed any button and turn the key up and down so it can make that action ... it fixed itselfe one week than it went like this for about 4 mouths now and isn't coming back? Please can you help me, ever experiencet this one problem ? Thnak's
  14. Like This Mod?

    Hello everybody.i am going crazy about this difusser on this mk2 Focus. Can anyone tell me were do i find this back bumper splitter,diffuser..can you find me any link on the net PLEASEEEEEEEEE I WANT IT FOOOOOOR CHRISTMANS :) :)