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  1. SteveMoores

    Can't Lower Back Seat On S Max

    Hi Sadly not, The red ribbon is intact but fully extended. Pulling the ribbon does not more/release the mechanism so the seat is currently stuck in the up position. Steve
  2. SteveMoores

    Can't Lower Back Seat On S Max

    Hi I have just picked up an S-Max 1.7 tdci with 5k on the clock and only six months old. Registered December 2012. It has to be said, so far I'm very impressed with it. Anyway, three days in and I've just broken the rear seat! With the seats lowered I started pulling the red ribbon. I clearly wasn't thinking straight (maybe the heat) and as nothing happened I pulled the red ribbon until the plastic guide snapped. I then realised what I had done and raised the seat as you would normally. The only problem now is that the red ribbon has no give in it. It's not releasing the mechanism when I pull the ribbon. The seat is suck in he up position. Can anyone advise me on how to fix? Do I need to get it repaired by a dealer? How much? What a muppet I hear you all say.... All advice gladly received. Steve
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums SteveMoores :)