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  1. Mk 4 1.25Lx Power Increase

    Thank you for the response Would an induction kit need a Re-jet (to be honest I don't even know if my car is carb or FI ...) or a Re-map of the injection system ? As I'm guessing it will alter the fuel/air ratio or do the cars run lean on air from standard ? Had a quick look but K & N is the only manufacture I recognise (obviously I'm used to other brands), Would K & N be the best to go for and avoid all these cheap ones on ebay ranging from £20 - 40 ?, I can already guess the answer Many thanks Tim P.s, I will be upgrading in the future but I wanted a small car in the mean time as its cheap plus to get used to the width etc as I'm so used to different driving conditions
  2. Hello all I'll start off by saying no I'm not some shell suit boy racer, despite my first post being about making my car more powerful... great first impressions I have been riding motorcycles for the past 7-8 years, and as you can imagine now I've had to get a car for work (I'm a structural engineer so need something to go on site visits) so I'm looking at a cheap way to gain some power. (as compared to the bike a 1.25 fiesta is a bit .... ssslllloooowwweerrr) Not looking to increase 0-60 times or anything silly (thats what the bikes for B) ) more just an increase to get up hills easier and overcome the lack of ... oomph past 60. Nothing too expensive and I don't care much for car exhausts (especially on a little 1.25 fiesta), I don't really know much other than bike mechanics so I'm guessing things like a K&N air filter, induction kit, ECU remap ? but I don't know if the power increase would be worth it, trying to keep cost to a minimum (obviously my money mainly goes on the bike :P ) So would anyone of you lovely people have any suggestions ? Despite being a biker I am keen to become a member of this forum and hope I can help and interact with all you internet peoples as best I can Many thanks guys Drive safe Tim
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums maniaka :)