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  1. Best Dashcam For Mk7 Fiesta

    Best dash cam? I've had four different dash cams and the best by far is the SJ1000. It's easy to fit, if amazingly cheap, films in beautifully sharp HD, has a good mic and can be detached with ease. I've had it recording every single journey of mine for over two years now without a hitch. Search these forums for 'SJ1000' and you'll surely find my previous posts where I've gone into some detail over fitting it up behind your rear view mirror.
  2. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I bought the 1L 100ps 5 door on March 1st. I zeroed the average mpg in that week. 3500 miles later it reads 57.3 mpg, so that includes the cold weather and tight engine phases. I am mightily impressed, and have told Ford so when they sent me their detailed questionnaire about the car last week. Mind you, very little town driving and I hold nobody up. And I plan ahead, knowing that applying the brakes is throwing petrol away. You see people doing this all day long. There are things I don't like. The rear doors make a horrible clanging noise, the front discs make a horrible hissing noise. And the Sync is awful, worse than on my 13 & 14 plate Fiestas. Ah, but that mpg figure, the sound system and initial price puts me in forgiveness mode all right.
  3. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I really don't think the Fiesta 100/ecoB is being 'miss sold'. It really does get 65mpg on that standardised test, the same test incidentally that all cars are subjected to. It doesn't mean to replicate real driving, it's just so that you can compare different cars that have undergone the same test. I'm one of those lucky people that hardly ever does any town driving and the little 1 litre ecoB does an indicated 56mpg. As the ambient air temperature increases, so too do the miles I cover on a single gallon. I'm mightily impressed. Diesel economy without the cost, weight, shake, rattle and roll of Ford's clunky diesel engine.
  4. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    @Ffoxy. Does stop start improve economy? Look at it this way. If you were driving 45 miles on a gallon that's be good, right? How about if you drive zero miles on a gallon of fuel, !Removed!-poor, right? Well, that's what you're getting if the engine runs while you're stationary, a big fat zero mpg. It's the drip effect; lots of engine offs all add up, it's a cumulative saving. And all for no effort on your part. What's not to like?
  5. What Version Of Sync Is On A Fiesta Built Now?

    Hey guys, I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I do hope there's an expert here who can help. A bit of history. I bought my third Fiesta 1 litre Ecoboost on 1st March this year, and know it was made in January 2015. The two before it have been 2013 and 2014 models. This one is the best yet, and it's quieter starter motor makes the stop/start much more pleasant. But I digress. My problem is with the current car's Sync. My Galaxy Note phone worked beautifully with the previous two cars but no way will this new car download my phone book contacts, so Sync is almost useless - unless I know the number I want and laboriously tap it in each time. Impossible. It receives calls ok as I drive along and emergency assist always turns on. I took it back to the dealer who uploaded the latest firmware but that has made things actually worse - when I got the car at least it would upload my contacts (though it usually took a couple of miles of driving to give it time). If I stopped the car and opened the door Sync had to go through the entire process again. With the 'upgrade' it won't even do that, and they tell me they can't undo upgrades. So it was perfect with my two previous models and near useless with this 15 plate. I've checked Ford's compatibility list and the Galaxy Note phone has four stars, as it's always had. tom.
  6. 2015 Fiesta Changes

    Changing the boot strip from chrome to body colour has to be a cost-saver, but I'm all for it to have the starter motor so much quieter. There are other changes in the boot of the 2015 model too - the indentations to the walls of the boot have now been made into little pockets, and the RH one holds my 12v tyre pump perfectly. The velcro strips have changed too. Another change is to the Ford stereo unit - the big button to toggle L or R in the menu has been replaced by flush buttons. The alloys are different too - and that's the easiest way to tell a 2015 model. They're easier to clean that the previous ones but slightly more 'soft' looking. There are changes under the bonnet - and although the tiny Ecoboost engine is very pretty, the horrible crimped aluminium heat shield Ford fitted made me embarrassed to lift the lid to show others. That crimped tin shield is still there, but it's been made to look smarter.
  7. Fuel Consumption Again

    I agree it isn't '' coasting '' per se, but it sure is coasting in fact. 55 mpg really is good. It's diesel economy but using much cheaper fuel in a cheaper, lighter vehicle, with far fewer nasty particulates, smells and noises.
  8. 2015 Fiesta Changes

    I've has three of these little 1 liter Ecoboost Fiestas now. The 2013 one had a very iffy start/stop which hardly ever worked, the 2013 was much better, in fact it was the only new car I've ever had that didn't have a single warranty fault. But this latest 2015 version is so much better and know why? Because the starter motor is so much quieter. It makes stop/start technology much nicer to live with. But it goes back to the dealer next week to have the Sync sorted out - Mavis gets into a right muddle sometimes and won't let me phone out or listen to the radio or USB.
  9. Fuel Consumption Again

    It may be 'illegal to coast' but that would make it illegal to change gear. Every time you put your foot on the clutch pedal to change gear you're coasting. and travelling in London with constant gear-changing means you can easily coast for over 100m for every km driven. Anyway, my sweet 100ps Ecoboost is now registering all the fives - 55.5 mpg since the day I bought it. Very little town driving though, and coasting wherever that 1150kg lump reaches the top of a hill.
  10. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Getting away with it? HallZen, getting away with what? And what's outrageous about the 1 litre ecoboost Fiesta getting 65mpg? It's an industry wide standard test that all vehicles are subjected to. Nobody's saying you'll get anywhere near it on the open road, but if your very own car went through the same test it'd probably be within 4% of Ford's figure.
  11. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Stop start works on the drip drop principle. My credit card is one that pays me back half a percent of everything I buy using it. Half of one percent? What good is that to man or beast? But the drip drop principle means I get back about eight quid a month and for what? For buying stuff I'd be buying anyway. Same with my stop start. It's a no brainer. It's automatic, it's faster than I can get it into gear, it's intelligent (starts if I start to roll forward) and leaves me and the stereo in perfect harmony at road works, lights, level crossings. What's not to like? Well, anyone with a 13 plate SS Fiesta will be impressed by how much it's improved in the 14 plate year. And it requires a rather posh battery because of the added strain. You won't be replacing it with a Halfords forty quid special after 10 years, in sure of that. The little 1 litre ecoboost is so light and spins so freely that it starts with the tiniest starter motor pulse. But I I'd not recommend SS on a ford diesel, those clunky engines are best left running if you don't want to irritate passengers beyond endurance.
  12. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Well, we Ecoboosters can forget dpf problems but there's an awful lot of diesel drivers out on the M25 right now burning their expensive oily smelly fuel and going fast in an effort to burn off the particulates that their London driving has accumulated. So much for the diesels 'economy'. And sad that the general public were told a pack of lies to encourage them to buy these more polluting vehicles. Oh how the manufactures must have laughed, selling a cheaper car for more money .. a lot more money in some cases.
  13. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Well I've got to say I've checked my OBC twice now against real world fuel consumed and find it to be very accurate. Of course my mileometer may be out in the same was as my speedo overreads, but there you go. Now you say your nearly two litre Golf is a damn sight quicker than my nearly one litre Fiesta? Well, blow me down, whoever would have thought it.
  14. My Fiesta Mk7.5 Zs

    The footwell lights are simply pull straight out and push straight in. I haven't thought it necessary to change any of the overhead cabin lights but I'd be very surprised if these were different bulbs.
  15. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I've now done two tankups of fuel and covered 829 miles all at an average of 58.02 mpg. The car computer puts this at 57.6, so they're pretty close. At 6k miles it's nicely run in and as you can see, I do very little town driving. I'm impressed; this little ecoboost engine is delightful.