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  1. Hi, ive got a c max which I got for next to nothing, it was a run away after the original turbo ran away. Im putting a new engine in, I've got a GT1544V, are there any turbos that fit off the shelf? I dont need to worry about remapping, have a pal who will do the mapping for me.
  2. Hi guys, I have a Mondeo TDCI 2.0 115 estate. The engine is sounding very rough and lumpy, I've got the flashing glowplug light on the dash, and there is absolutely no power, the car will not rev. I've got code p2263 coming up, which is a bit vauge. It doesn't seem like an egr fault, I've had the EGR cleaned out. I've taken off the turbo inlet pipe off to see if the turbo spins freely, which it doesn't. The turbo doesn't have any shaft or axial play but it is very stiff, it seems like the actuator is stuck on close, either way a duff turbo. I don't fancy paying out for a new electronic actuator turbo. I have soured a turbo off another Ford Mondeo (130) which has the vacuum operated wastegate. Will this turbo be compatible with the vehicle? I don't mind having to get the vehicle mapped to accomodate the new turbo. Thanks for any replies!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums pugbug :)