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  1. Wish I knew what causes the noise as I fear taking my car back into garage for another oil change, and the noise returning. Maybe a while though as my Mechanic told me I can do 15,000 miles on an oil change these days as it's synthetic.
  2. mine is 2001 ford focus 1.8tdi Ghia
  3. exactly the same noise as I had...almost sounds like a vacuum cleaner!
  4. maybe it's some kind of air bubble in the oil or elsewhere? i'm not a mechanic so don't know, but the noise magically disappeared from my car too, was probably just coincidence that they took sump off....shouldn't happen though and very frustrating too!! I bet a Ford mechanic would know what it was. Makes me worried to take mine in for next oil change!
  5. very frustrating! It was for me too...took car back loads until they took sump off and garage told me the noise was still there, however when I drove it home it had disappeared! All from an oil change, makes me reluctant to get another oil change in case it comes back again! Hope you get it sorted let me know if you do. I have read other people with same model getting same problem, I guess someone from Ford may know exactly what it is? cheers Darren
  6. Noisy Fan Blower

    I mean it only makes the noise when it is in its correct place behind glove box....I let it drop down from its enclosure after unscrewing it, and onto the floor, held it in my hand and no noise....as soon as I pushed it back up into its place the noise starts but can't see it rubbing on anything.
  7. They replaced the filter the first time i went back with an official ford filter it made no difference...only after taking the sump off did the noise disappear....though the garage didn't realize the problem had gone until I drove it home.....the noise hasn't returned thankfully....it was a peculiar noise as you know from the video...my only explanation is air in the oil when the oil change was first done maybe, but could be wrong ....it is very odd
  8. Noisy Fan Blower

    My fan blower makes a loud noise intermittently and slows down. It usually happens when I first start the car, though this could be coincidence as it slows down whilst driving on numerous occassions though not all the time. if I put the blower on there is a loud noise from the fan/motor behind the glovebox.. I investigated this by getting behind the glovebox and taking the motor out thinking something may be trapped inside. However there were no leaves or anything in there and no signs of the motor rubbing or catching on anything. I ran the fan whilst holding it outside of its 'enclosure' and the noise disappears, when I put it back in its place the noise appeared again. I checked the pollen/cabin filter to see if that was causing the problem, however when I removed it and turn the blower on the noise was still there. When the noise appears the fan slows down and blows much less air out of the vents almost like the motor is jammed. I can see this happening through the gap where the pollen filter was, but it doesn't appear to be catching on anything, the motor seems to slow down for no reason and the loud noise appears. The strange thing is when the fan unit is taken out of the enclosure there is no noise and it blows normally but when back in its place the slow down and noise appears. Could it be some kind of loss of power to the fan unit? I have oiled the motor on the fan and it has made no difference. I don't understand why it's only noisy intermittenttly and only when it's in it's enclosure. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Took my car back, and the mechanics had another good look. They found no split hoses so had a look at cam belt, replaced that and still the same noise. It seem to be coming from back of engine near oil sump, so they took the sump off had a good look couldn't see anything, but felt the noise was vibrating at back of engine. Anyone when I collected it they said they could not find an explanation, however when I drove home the noise now seems to of disappeared! As far as the mechanics were concerned they couldn't find the exact place it was moving from with out stripping the engine. I suspect that by taking the oil sump off has fixed the problem and the noise has now gone. the noise first appeared after an oil change, could 'air' somehow have gotten into the oil when it was changed and created an air bubble which made the strange noise? I can't explain it but it seems taking the sump off and putting it back on has cured the problem albeit by accident rather than design.
  10. Hi the comment I made about reversing was only the sound was similar...it is probably more like an owl or vacuum, like an air sound. This link below isnt from my car but very similar sound: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sfTAI0w_YmQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DsfTAI0w_YmQ I asked an independent mechanic who said it wasn't turbo and could be alternator rod bearing? The noise does seem to come from middle left of engine and to the right of alternator belt, there doesn't seem to be noise from the turbo which is top right of engine, though the noise seems loud when I put ear near turbo inter cooler. Could it be a split pipe maybe? Symptoms appeared after oil change as Olly2097. I found videos on youtube that sounded very similar but they said it was from blown turbo, though I have no problems accelerating and no loss of. power, and noise doesn't seem to come from turbo. Once I had oil change the mechanic gave me car straight back and didn't run it fr five minutes to let oil circulate, I drove it straight home after paying them. Could that have caused a problem? In answer to the moderator the noise doesn't get higher pitch and to get it I have to keep the revs around 2000rpm, if I keep them in the exact place with accelerator I can keep the noise going....if I rev hard its not there or only there for brief second as revs pass 2000rpm.
  11. Hi I recently took my car (UK FORD FOCUS TD 1.8 2001 MODEL - Diesel 51 Reg) to a local garage for just an oil change. After I got the car back I noticed a strange screeching noise that wasn't there before. The noise only appears when the car has warmed up with the temperature gauge in the middle of hot and cold. It is not there until the car has been driven for about 10 - 15 mins. I took it back to the garage who checked it over and said they could not find any problems apart from a slightly loose air pipe clip which they told me should fix the problem, however once the engine was warm again the noise returned. The noise is more noticeable when the accelerator is pressed and the car revved. The best way to describe the noise is it sounds very like the noise a car makes when reversing, that kind of screeching sound but not as high pitched. It's not constant only when revs go up or accelerator is pressed. It seems to get louder as the car is driven for longer. If i sit in my car after it is warm and then rev my car the screeching noise appears. Does any body have any ideas? It's not a fan belt screeching but a different kind of sound almost like a vacuum cleaner noise...sorry hard to explain! The mechanics listened to it but couldn't pin point where it was coming from. On another note the same garage has just replaced my water pump, and drive and alternator belts etc due to a chirping, squeaking noise when engine was cold...this was when they told me the screeching noise caused by the earlier oil change may of been fixed by a lose air pipe clip but sadly it hasnt. Could it be a faulty oil filter? or even wrong oil? Though wrong oil seems unlikely perhaps a faulty oil filter, could this cause a noise when engine is warm? As mentioned there is no noise until car gets warm after 10 - 15 mins. Apart from the noise the car seems to run fine though the noise is very annoying as it is quite loud. Any advice would be helpful, hope I haven't rambled too much on my first post! TYI Darren
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums darkkn1ght :)