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  1. Which Is Correct Battery

    Thanks to you all for your input. Regarding FOCA's idea about 43Ah fitted to save money - I should stress that I've had the car from new and the 43Ah battery is the original equipment, so Ford themselves fitted it during production. Perhaps they decided to fit larger capacity batteries after my vehicle was made. This original battery has lasted 8.5 years so I can't complain. Also, my mechanic mate suggests that because the vehicles are exported all over the world, Ford do fit batteries to suit the territory they are going too, whether that be very cold or even very hot climates. Getting a 43Ah version - don't expect to have the car longer than two more years, so guarantee will cover that.
  2. I think the battery on my 2005 Focus Ghia 1.8 petrol model is kaput. Failed on Saturday, trickle charged for 24 hours (on the car) started ok next morning, went 6 miles to shops, parked up and then 6 miles back. Got home, switched off, emptied boot and went to put it in the garage - flat again. This is original 2005 battery so not done bad I suppose. After the 24 hour charging mentioned above, I switched off the charger but wnet out and left it connected to the car for a few hours. Could the charger drain the battery if left connected but unplugged? (just a thought). Anyway it's looking like a new battery purchase. The factory fitted one is a Motorcraft Silver Calcium 43 amp hours capacity version. However, looking at various suppliers specs. I see that the 43Ah is recommended for the 1.4 and 1.6 engines, but they all list 50 or 54 Ah for the 1.8 engine. Strange that my car has the smaller capacity. Was there a re-think along the way by Ford?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums TomUK :)