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    i total agree with stocks and gallows but i need to point out this to you guys people who take wackey baccy wont be the ones to break into your cars as the are all sitting at home stuffing there face and too stoned to even comprehend how to break a car window i think you will find its crack and smack heads that will do that they would even sell there grandmother for a fix so send them to the stocks and gakkows and hang them high excuse the punn
  2. fiesta rs

  3. hill climb

    can anybody suggest a car club around berkshire that holds hill climb meetings please
  4. fiesta rs1800

    can any one help me out i have been told my mk3.5 fiesta rs is very rare some people say she is worth around 2000 others say alot more i am wanting to sell her as i want a mk5 escort again as they are of my favorit cars could anyone throw some light on the subject and tell me what i should be asking for her please
  5. Fiesta Meet

    would any of you guy's consider a meet at easthampstead park berkshire i know that the vdub guys use this for there meets and its a good turn out
  6. fiesta rs1800

    could any of you guys tell me what my fiesta rs1800 is worth its a mk3.5 mallard green with tiger print interior
  7. newbie jus joined

    cool are you going to be doing any mods to it mate
  8. catatylitic converter

    does it smell like eggs
  9. Clutch Slipping??

    your car might have a hydraulic clutch system check to see if there is an additional pipe coming out of the brake fluid resy and check the fluid level if it is this then you will have to top it up and bleed the clutch system
  10. Which Code Reader

    your obd2 plug is located down on left side of trim under steering wheel a good diagnostic system is scan tool easy to use
  11. [OT] What was your first car?

    my first legal car was a 1980 ford fiesta pop plus wich i obtained in 1995 i had to do a lot of work to her bet she was well worth it she would take me from glasgow to london and back with my foot straight to the floor with no hassles
  12. have you checked your gearbox mounts yet this could be the problem