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  1. Modified elm

    just ordered that one in your link should get it by tuesdy so will let you know how it is
  2. fault codes p2002 & p2263

    ok so had the codes read with a snapon reader codes that came up were p2002 so he did a re jen of the dpf code cleared p0033 turbo/supercharger bypass valve was told its eather the turbo boost solenoid or turbo actuator my question is can the turbo actuator be removed for cleaning/replacement without removing the turbo if so is their a how to anywhere thanks ps if i unplug the boost solenoid or remove the pipe that goes down to the turbo car runs ok but with not much boost :/
  3. fault codes p2002 & p2263

    thanks for relys tdci-peter checked the pipes today one is slightly larger diameter than the other so cant go on the wrong way, i did notice though when i pulled the pipe off engine side it was crusty!! and hard when i crushed it with my fingers a lot of white crusty powder came out not sure what that is? thought ie was blocked and would be sorted but unfortunatly not, ive got a mechanic comming out to have a look at it on saturday with a roer diagnostic so will get back to you with the outcome
  4. fault codes p2002 & p2263

    ok so fitted the old maf sensor back and no fault code for maf just the p2002 code still so will be taking the maff back yes its the two large pipes going to the inlet manifold!!! going to take it to a garage and get it diagnosed properly there is a company by me that dose the terraclean they have said they will do a free diagnostic then quote from the results no charge untill i want the work done, think this is the best way, i have checked the pipes to the dpf they seem to be ok but how will i know if they are the right way around? also i am getting small air bubbles in the fuel line is this normal was getting big bubbles befor changing the fuel filter but now they are verry small, one last thing shoukld the fuel system be presurised ie if i remove the fuel cap and push the flap inside the filler pipe it hisses as if its pressurisd!!! yes it was a private sale well it was a swap for my 06 reg civic thought i had a good deal so hope i can get it sorted without breaking the bank
  5. fault codes p2002 & p2263

    thanks for reply iv had a good look around the car its had a new turbo, removed the egr but it was clean, the dpf looks like its been removed as it has new bolts and exhaust past around joints, took the new maf back and had it replaced still doing the same the turbo and dpf must of been done by previus owner i swapped the pipes around on the turbo boost valve thinking they might of put them on the wrong way, and result :) went to work thismorning drove ok but didnt seem quite right, come home and light came back on and limp mode, just replaced the fuel filter air filter still coming up with p2002 im wondering if previus owner has gutted the dpf and not mapped it out???? its hard to explaine but it seems to be pulsing boost pipes are pulsing at about 2.5-3000 revs HELP
  6. fault codes p2002 & p2263

    any help?
  7. focus mk2.5 2.0 tdci 2008 help anyone only had the car a week eml came on car was spluttering at low revs so had the codes read and it came up maf sensor so un pluged it and it drove much better, just replaced it cleared code and test drove it but still spluttered at low revs un pluged maf and test drove it all was well so took part back and got a replacement, fitted and test drove still spluttering at low revs re read the codes but now codes p2002 & p2263 p2002 i think is dpf and p2263 has somthing to do with turbo actuator these faults were not there befor maf change any ideas would be appreciated and any how to to get them sorted many thanks
  8. new car

    hi folks been a while but im back with a focus mk 2.5 2l tdci
  9. Urgent Help Needed

    had to take it to garage to get changed as car died completely got a phone call to say all done so it was the alternator thanks for all advice ian
  10. Urgent Help Needed

    ok great cheers ian my only question is, is this done from under car, through wheel cover or from above? getting new alternator Tuesday so will give it a go thanks again for your help hope it sorts problem
  11. Urgent Help Needed

    yes I understand thanks for your advice any chance of a quick how to on removal
  12. Urgent Help Needed

    ok done as said but still at 12v so looks like the alternator
  13. Urgent Help Needed

    not the best pic but this is the position of the alternator
  14. Urgent Help Needed

    ok cheers will try that in the mornings
  15. Urgent Help Needed

    battery when charged was 12.4 when en on dropped down to 11.3 and still dropped even when revved the engine