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  1. 54 Plate 1.2 Fiat Clutch "popping"

    Thanks for your help!
  2. 54 Plate 1.2 Fiat Clutch "popping"

    Would you happen to know the part number and how easy it is to fix?
  3. 54 Plate 1.2 Fiat Clutch "popping"

    Fiesta ffs! Sorry guys
  4. 54 Plate 1.2 Fiat Clutch "popping"

    Lmfao damn autocorrect I meant first sorry
  5. Sorry to bump an old post but we still have this issue with the car. Anyone got a cure or know what the issue may be?
  6. Hi guys my partner has the above car and with increasing regularity the clutch pedal drops to the floor as if it's disconnected from the clutch. This means the clutch then engages and has several times lead to her almost rear ending someone. Anyone have any ideas as to what this may be? Thanks
  7. Hi guys thanks for your previous replies which I looked into. I tried the boot and bonnet and it worked. However the issue has resurfaced and not sure what to do as the car can't be locked at present? Anymore suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, with regards to the above I know it's a door switch issue and one I sorted a while back but now can't for the life of me find the door open switch on the door. Can anyone tell me exactly where it is? It's a 3 door if that helps? Many thanks in advance
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Dunc2610 :)