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  1. Ford Fiesta Chips On Windscreen

    You do wonder what we pay our taxes for! - They really need to sort the roads out - especially motorways. I'm not surprised that insurance costs have inflated so much over the past couple of years! What's really frustrating is that the taxpayer always suffers the most! (as always!)
  2. Ford Fiesta Chips On Windscreen

    Some really good ideas there - thanks George. I'll do a bit of research and let you know if any of these work.
  3. Thanks Steve. Still trying to find my way around the forums. :0)

  4. Ford Fiesta Chips On Windscreen

    Thanks for replying George. I'm new to the forums, so not sure where to post anything yet. I will try and keep my distance from other cars a bit more, but this is especially difficult as I do a lot of motorway driving, and this is where I get the chips!
  5. Hi all, Only had the Ford Fiesta Zetec for one year and do love the car, however I have had 3 chips on my windscreen so far in the last year. I recently had my heated windscreen replaced in May, and then today I got another big chip on my windscreen. It is really frustrating and costing me a fortune. I don't really drive very close to other cars or lorrys and I never go beyond 80mph on the motorway, so I feel really hard done to. This has never happened before on other cars I have owned. Is this a common problem on ford fiesta's? Or are the roads just generally getting worse? My question is, does anyone have any idea how I can prevent this from happening so frequently? Thanks Cheryl
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums pinkpanther33 :)