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  1. Happy Birthday HollyDollyx!

  2. Foc Official Corsa Bashing Thread

    That is true, and I will admit the new one's arn't as pretty. But the one shape would go forever.. unless like me you pile it into the backend of a Peugeot!
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

  4. Twitter

    hollybethfranks :)
  5. FOC Age group Poll!

    17 - 21! :D
  6. Foc Official Corsa Bashing Thread

    My boyfriends got the new Corsa... and he has had nothing but trouble. It's a 12 plate and in the past year it's had to go back to Vauxhall 8 times because its broke on him! Everyone should get KA's
  7. Ka Accident.

    Thanks guys! Unfortunatly the other car has claimed it on insurance - but i was expecting it to be honest. Luckily I don't have to pay anything else because I have decided not to claim on my insurance, but of course my premium will be higher than last year. I haven't heard anything about a retest and i didnt get any points. As for the car - Well its still sat on my drive looking very sorry for itself! I'm stuck between scraping it and selling it for parts, does anyone know roughly what i'd get for each? Thanks for all your help! :D
  8. Best Driving Songs...old & New

    My favourite old school songs are anything by Justin timberlake the good old ones though like rock your body! Got to say at the moment I love driving to Miami to Ibiza by Swedish house mafia!
  9. Ka Accident.

    As I'm new to this forum I thought I'd just tell you all a bit about my last car, I only passed my test in August 2012 so I'm a fairly new driver, I've not had any bumps or scraps in the year I've been driving until last week when unfortunately I crashed into the back of another car (Peugeot though so it's okay). I was coming up to an island with a car infront of me, i checked it was clear and pulled off, however the car infront me did not. No one was badly hurt I just hurt my leg a little bit, unfortunately though because my car was quite old anyway it was a write off - the radiator had blown, the earths had come detached and my alternator had gone, not too mention the disgusting mess I made of the front and side bumper. Has anyone else had similar experiences and if so what did you do, go through insurance, fix the car or buy a new one.
  10. Hello.

    I only brought it last Wednesday so i've only been able to take the roof off once (typical!), but i'm determined to get it down today! First chance and it'll be off!
  11. Hello.

    Thanks ☺
  12. Hello.

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum, I'm Holly from Telford, I've just upgraded from a KA to a convertible KA. Any tips on it would be gravely appreciated.
  13. After just buying my new Street KA, I wanted to find out some info about it. I found this forum and decided to join, so hello world!!

  14. Welcome to the Ford forums HollyDollyx :)