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  1. Mk 7.5 1L Ecoboost Low Oil Pressure

    Sorry, I don't know much about the update. They just told me that there is one available, and that they'll upload it whilst diagnosing my problem. I'll ask more about it when I pick the car up. Having played about with the stereo the past week, I noticed that you can bring up a screen showing software versions for various systems in the car (I can't remember what systems). I'll publish these when I get it back, so that others can compare their versions, and see if there are any variations.
  2. Mk 7.5 1L Ecoboost Low Oil Pressure

    Its not good news. I've just been back to the dealer, and unfortunately come away with a courtesy car. It looks as though the oil pressure switch will need replacing, which needs to be ordered in (of course). Apparently the oil pressure switch is more of a solenoid type device, rather than a simple on-off switch. Something to do with oil pressure pulsating on the ecoboost engines apparently. Anyway, they've been chatting to Ford Technical Dept. most of the day, and thats what the outcome is so far. If the part turns up tomorrow, and they're able to fit it, and test it, and they're happy with it. I should get it back tomorrow afternoon. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of this issue. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. Unfortunately, happening to me. But I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced the same or something similar.
  3. Mk 7.5 1L Ecoboost Low Oil Pressure

    I don't recall the car nearly stalling. Plus I wasn't looking at the rev counter when the message popped up. I only had enough time to read it before it disappeared. I'm sure I had the clutch down at the time. Anyway, I've taken it to the the dealership. They'll take a look at it. Apparently there is a new software update as well which will be uploaded. Should hopefully get it back this afternoon with an explanation.
  4. Morning all. Just been out to drop my sister off at work this morning. And on the way back, the low oil pressure warning popped up on the display for about 2 seconds then disappeared. Luckily I was only round the corner from my house, checked the oil, which was at the max line. It happened when I was slowing down approaching a junction, I let a lorry turn into the junction, and was only creeping along in 2nd. Then the message came up. I only picked up the car last Wednesday, I'm going to give the dealer a ring when they open, but I was hoping if anyone has any idea of what might have caused it. Thanks in advance. Lewis
  5. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Cheers, I'll see if he's gone any left.
  6. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Looking at the list above, I cannot find what I'm looking for. I don't suppose anyone knows what bulbs are used to illuminate the footwells? I picked up my Fiesta Zetec S today, and whilst the cup holders are illuminated red, the footwells are lit up with standard yellow bulbs. Has anyone been able to replace them with a red alternative? Thanks in advance. Lewis
  7. Evening All Picked up my new White 13' plate Fiesta Zetec S this morning. Have been reading the forums the past few weeks, while I waiting to pick it up, and thought now I'll register. I only passed my driving test a couple of weeks ago, after having ridden motorbikes for a few years. This is my first car, so be gentle :) I live just outside Maidstone, but you can find me all over Kent, East Sussex. This whole car thing is new to me, so I hope you wont mind the odd question or two. Lewis