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  1. Happy Birthday StewieEatWorld!

  2. Interesting replies folks. I should probably give 'em a call and let them know on what I "plan" to do then. The mats, pedals and wee steering wheel gel sticker all arrived. I'll chuck some photo's up here of them out the packaging (not installed) when I can muster some spare time! EDIT: Also, im insured with Hastings Direct (purely because they were the cheapest via one of those insurance comparison websites) and in their "Acceptance Criteria" it states; "Your car is the manufacturer's original specification with no modifications that enhance appearance or performance." I'm guessing this means im totally snookered?
  3. So, say I call them up asking how much it'll cost me. Does that mean i'll have to cancel my current insurance and start a whole new policy in order to get extra's on my insurance? Thus costing me more than I would ideally like! Haha.
  4. Got another question, but about insurance this time. When does it become viable that I phone up my insurance company (Hastings Direct) and tell them what I would like to/have done to the vehicle? Im talking about things like scuff plates, changing the gear knob, putting pedal caps on, fitting some mats and that kinda thing. I know if I got a spoiler or bumper or whatever, i'd need to let them know. But where exactly is the line between some common sense in wanting to keep your car clean and tidy, and classing them as "modifications" that invalidate your insurance...?
  5. Right then; I've treated myself to some basic stuff so far. Ordered a set of 4 mats, the "aluminium sports" pedals and a carbon-white gel badge for the steering wheel! Pretty excited! I'll chuck some pictures up when they arrive/are installed :) Also, I see that there's an actually modification section/fiesta section in the forum, I have no problem with a mod moving this thread to where it probably should be or where it would be better suited :)
  6. Fantastic replies folks. Good to hear that the stuff is pretty universal, albeit pricey... I'll have a read of some manuals and such and if there are any results, i'll no doubt update this thread with some pictures. Many thanks guys. :)
  7. Hi all, Recently got my first ever car, a lovely white Fiesta Edge! I'm pretty sure its a 2011 model. Ive seen a few accessories online (illuminated gear nob, metallic pedals, scuff plates etc etc). Just wondering if these are "one size fits all" or are more specific to your certain car model? Also, how hard are these to fit for a complete newbie like myself? Any replies would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hey!

    Hi there folks! Recently got my first ever car, a nice white Ford Fiesta. Just got a few questions now. I think its a 2011 model, its got a 11 number plate, so im assuming so. What accessories/modifications are available for my car? I seen an illuminated gear nob online that looked pretty nice, some scuff plates and pedals as well. Is it a case of "one size fits all" or are there specific parts for my car? Also, how hard is it to fit parts like these (remembering that im a total newbie)? Any replies would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. EDIT: Just realised that this doesn't seem to be the right place to ask questions. I'll go chuck them in the General Discussion bit!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums StewieEatWorld :)