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  1. '97 Fiesta Chicane 1.4L

    my baby
  2. How to remove gear knob on NEW Fiesta ?

    if its leather, cut it off, thats what i did on my fiesta mk4
  3. '97 Fez HELP

    i was driving around near haywards heath, west sussex . and all of a sudden this noise developed and gradually got worse as i drove home (aprox 5 miles) i topped up with oil thinking it was low, and it calmed it down a little, but its still making that noise? there is also a bit of oil under neath the car, but not sure if it was there before this problem. I filmed it to explain it better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1Dzwm_noUw everything under the bonnet is standard for this 1.4l fiesta (the backbox is making the rumble) its also lost its top speed and lost ALOT of acceleration any help would be appreciated